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Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews from Big Lots - July 2018

Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews from Big Lots - July 2018

Living Colors Wax Melts from Big Lots - July 2018
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Living Colors wax melts from Big Lots are made by MVP Group International, the company that makes Mainstays (for Walmart), Colonial Candles, Burt's Bees, True Living (at Dollar General), K-Mart & Sears brands, and many dollar store brands.

Living Colors comes out with new scents every few months, and I've reviewed pretty much all of them. But sometimes the scent names don't match the scent because they often bring back older scents and give them new names. The wax is quite soft, and in general, they don't throw well. The scents are not that great either. I don't know why I continue to buy them, except that once in awhile they come out with a really good, strong throwing scent (as you'll see below).

After you purchase Living Colors wax melts, be sure to put scotch tape over the two holes at the top of the package. When the scent is exposed to air for too long, it dissipates more quickly.

Malibu - Seaside

A pleasant fresh men's body wash scent, kind of like a "Cool Water", but slightly sweeter and more subtle. Perfect for a bathroom.

Throw: Strong, 3.5 out of 5

Napa Valley - Cabernet

As expected, this is a grapey scent. But it also has a sweet floral note, like gardenia. It smells fake and has a bit of a waxy note.

Throw: Mild, 2.5 to 3 out of 5

Savannah - Lemon Cookies

This is the same scent as their popular Lemon Bars scent that came out in 2015 (and Lime Mojito from 2016, and a couple of other lemony Living Colors scents). It's one of the best lemon scents I've ever smelled in a wax melt. It smells a bit like the lemon custard inside a lemon meringue pie, sweet and rich with a hint of buttercream, but not truly a bakery scent either (no pie crust notes). Living Colors has a lot of duds, but this is one of their few scents that is truly phenomenal.

Throw: Bold, 5 out of 5

Seattle - Cinnamon Chai

A nice subtle cinnamon scent with maybe a smidgen of vanilla or even a barely detectable hint of a perfumey note way in the background. It's not an intense gum or candy type cinnamon, nor is it a bakery cinnamon. I don't detect any chai or tea notes.

Throw: Mild, 2.5 to 3 out of 5

Sedona - Cactus Berry

On cold sniff this is a fake raspberry scent with something else in the background that I can't figure out, maybe a patchouli or fake chocolate? It's not really a foodie scent though, as it's very fake. I don't like it. When melted, it smells like poop. Literally. Sweet poop.

Throw: Strong, 4 out of 5

Vancouver - Cedar Forest

A fantastic pine scent with a woodsy note. It's a little sharp and pungent, but in a good way.

Throw: Medium, 3 out of 5

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