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Hillbilly Wax Company Wax Melts Reviews

Hillbilly Wax Company Wax Melts Reviews

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Hillbilly Wax Company is a small business in North Carolina that makes scented wax melts. Stacy Green started this business a few months ago and already she has quite a following due to her unique theme and scent blends. Unlike most wax vendors, Stacy's wax melts are made with paraffin wax rather than soy. Since scents made with paraffin wax tend to "throw" better than those made with soy, in general her wax melts performed quite well. Stacy's website is https://hillbillywaxco.com and her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Hillbilly-Wax-Company-Clyde-NC-2105169326373261/.

Bad Hillbilly

Notes: Lord of Misrule by Lush Dupe, a mysterious blend of rich patchouli and warm sandalwood. Citrus, vetiver and kisses of black pepper round out this fragrance.

I smell patchouli and a little bit of a raw woodsy note, and maybe a smidgen of cologne. I like it. Looking at the scent notes, the vetiver is the cologne note, and I think I do detect a hint of pepper, but no citrus.

Throw: Strong, 4 out of 5

Bear Butt

Notes: Butt Naked type. Granny Smith apples blended with honeydew melon and cherry on a bed of creamy vanilla taffy.

I smell sweet watermelon and strawberry with maybe a note of pear. It's rich and creamy. Looking at the scent notes, okay kind of close! Yes, now I do realize it's honeydew rather than watermelon, but with the combination of the apple and cherry it was hard to tell. I'm not a fan of melon scents, but I kind of like this one.

Throw: Strong, 3.5 to 4 out of 5

Candy Shoppe

Notes: Raspberry, strawberry and banana blend with sweet sugar, wild berry and cherry on a bed of creamy vanilla taffy

A nice fruity scent with a little bit of a sweet creamy note. I smell strawberry, banana and watermelon, with a little bit of cherry.

Throw: Strong, 3.5 to 4 out of 5

Dirty Boy

Notes: Dirty Lush Dupe. The fresh scent of spearmint blended with sandalwood and thyme. This is a clean fresh and sexy scent.

This is a strong spearmint/wintergreen scent. It's a little sweet, but herbal. Looking at the notes, the thyme is probably the herbal note. I don't smell sandalwood. Melted, it has a smidgen of a candyish note, in a good way.

Throw: Bold, 5 out of 5, a scent monster that took over the house

Gettin' Inked

Notes: Green floral freesia type with top notes of cyclamen, hawthorn and lilac, middle notes of jasmine, lily, rose, and violet with a musk and tonka bean base note.

This one is interesting and very hard to describe! It's a sweet floral like sweet pea or gardenia, but I also smell a little bit of oriental spice and soapiness, and even a smidgen of tobacco way in the background. Looking at the scent notes, this is not the scent I would expect based on the notes, but it's different and I like it.

Throw: Mild, 3 out of 5

Hillbilly Hippie

Notes: Cannabis Blossom (green fern and cannabis notes open up to a floral accord of gardenia and violet. White musk and golden amber round out this fragrance) and a touch of patchouli (an earthy, musky, woodsy favorite)

This smells like pure marijuana! There might be something else way in the background, but all I'm smelling is pot. Looking at the scent notes, there's the cannabis blossom. I was told that the blossom doesn't smell like pot, but nope, it does. My roommate had no idea what I was melting, walked by my room and said, "Why am I smelling pot?"

Throw: Mild, 3 out of 5

Lady Lavender

Notes: Sweet buttercream and lavender

This smells like a combination of lavender, vanilla, and maybe also slight bakery and perfumey notes, although it's not overly sweet.

Throw: Mild, 2.5 to 3 out of 5

Nutty Squirrel

Notes: Pistachio Puddin' Cake, which is creamy vanilla custard mixed with pistachio nuts, honey, almond and heliotrope.

Oh this smells fantastic!! It's a super rich creamy sweet pistachio scent.

Throw: Strong, 4 out of 5

Southern Martini

Notes: Blue Sugar type with Kick Ass blackberry and a hint of lemon for balance

This smells like Blue Sugar (a popular wax melt fragrance) but with a plum/blackberry note. I like it. Blue Sugar is actually a men's cologne with top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot; middle notes of coriander, patchouli, lavender, licorice and cotton candy; and base notes of tonka bean, star anise and cedar. I'm not a fan of Blue Sugar because I can smell the anise and licorice a bit, but I like this version because of the blackberry note.

Throw: Strong, 3.5 to 4 out of 5

Watermelon Smash

Notes: Fresh crisp watermelon that starts with top notes of watermelon and strawberry followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose and green notes all on a base of cassis, oakmoss, white woods and vanilla

I smell mostly watermelon, with a hint of some other notes I can't identify. Maybe another fruit?

Throw: Medium, 3 to 3.5 out of 5

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