Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Aldi Wax Melts Reviews - Summer 2018 (May)

Aldi Wax Melts Reviews - Summer 2018 (May)
Aldi Wax Melts - Summer 2018 (May)
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Aldi comes out with 4 new wax melt scents 3 times a year: January, April/May, and September/October. The wax melts are made by Hanna's Candle and are very good quality. They cost $1.69 each. They should be at all Aldi stores this week, or if not, this weekend. Once they show up at the Aldi store, they stay on the shelves until they're sold out, which can happen within 2 or 3 weeks. Old scents do not return, so if you like these, don't wait! However, many of these scents are available on the Hanna's Candle website, possibly under different names (for "legal" reasons, Hanna's has not confirmed this; it's just my personal observation).

See my review (text and video) of each scent at the link below:

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