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Febreze Downy Unstopables Scented Wax Melts Review

Febreze Downy Unstopables Scented Wax Melts Review
Downy Unstopables Scented Wax Melts
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Febreze/Downy came out with the "Unstopables" line of laundry scent boosters and air fresheners a few years ago. Just a few months ago they added scented wax melts in their Spring, Fresh, and Shimmer scents. The wax melts have been hard to find locally, and I finally found them at only one of the six Walmarts in my area. You can buy them online at the website for $4.49, but they're $3.97 at Walmart. This is for 3 oz., so the price is quite high. You can find ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens wax melts at Walmart for $2 for 2.5 oz.

The only real negative I've found about these wax melts (besides the high price) is that it's difficult to break off a piece of wax. Because of the pretty shape of the wax that you can see when you turn the pack over, you have to remove the entire wax from the package and then cut with a butter knife in the section that should break off. If you try to do it by hand, it might not break properly and will end up being a mess. The other gripe I have is the large hole in the front of the package that's supposedly to allow people to sniff the scent without opening the package. This hole will also allow the scent to dissipate quickly and reduce the shelf life of the wax, so make sure to tape over the hole after you buy it. The only other little peeve I have with the whole Unstopables line is the spelling of "Unstopables", with one "p" instead of two!

Here's my reviews of the three scents (I also reviewed a new 4th scent in August 2018, "Vanilla", HERE).


Description from the Unstopables website:
"Unstopables Spring Wax Melts fill your home with a profusion of flowers and sublime notes of citrus that lasts for hours upon hours. Do you feel like you're living life in an enchanting secret garden? You will. That's the effect this chic, cozy, and addictive fragrance evokes. Go ahead, take a walk on the indulgent side—without leaving home."

This is a warm slightly perfumey fabric softener scent, an authentic fabric softener scent that smells like clothes and towels straight out of the dryer. It's not a harsh detergent scent at all. There may be a smidgeon of a fruity floral note, but barely detectable, and I don't smell citrus. It's a fabric softener scent but with slightly different notes from the "Fresh" scent. Clean and cozy and sweet and warm, and the most authentic fabric softener scent I've ever smelled in a wax melt (which makes sense since it's made by Downy). Throw is excellent, at least a 4 out of 5.


Description from the Unstopables website:
"Unstopables Fresh Wax Melts infuse your home's air with a soft breeze, even when the windows are closed. Hours upon hours of scent will make friends and family wonder: Did you hire a cleaning service? Is this just your show home? But you'll know the truth… it's Unstopables Fresh."

This is a clean laundry detergent scent with a sweet watery note and a hint of floral, like laundry being done with the windows open on a sunny day. It's not a harsh detergent scent, but it's also not a soft warm fabric softener scent like the Spring scent. It smells a bit like laundry scented wax made by other scented wax manufacturers. In fact, it smells a lot like the older Febreze Gain scented wax, and I think there's also an older laundry scented Glade wax melt that smells similar. So although both the Spring and Fresh scents are fantastic, I personally prefer the Spring scent because it's warmer and smells more like fabric softener rather than laundry detergent. Plus it doesn't make sense to pay the higher price for a scent that smells very similar to cheaper brand. Throw is excellent, around a 4 out of 5.


Description from the Unstopables website:
"Unstopables Shimmer Wax Melts add a luxuriously fruity and floral fragrance to your home. Looking for hours upon hours of fresh scent? You found it. Get scent so vivacious you'll be bombarded by compliments—be sure to accept every one. After all, you earned 'em."

On cold sniff this smells like a fruity floral perfume with a warm amber note, but when melted it has a chemical note that smells like a vinyl pool liner. There's a hint of a fabric softener note, but the chemical note takes over. I don't care for this one. Throw is good, around a 3 out of 5.

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