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Living Colors Scented Wax Melts (from Big Lots) Review

Living Colors Scented Wax Melts (from Big Lots) Review

Living Colors Scented Wax Melts from Big Lots
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This is a review of Living Colors scented wax melts from Big Lots. Living Colors wax melts are made by MVP Group International, same company that makes Mainstays (for Walmart), Colonial Candles, Burt's Bees, Paula Deen (discontinued), Everyday Escapes, Everyday Essentials, Interiors by Design, True Living (at Dollar General), K-Mart & Sears brands, and Febreze Home Collection.

Living Colors comes out with new scents every few months. But sometimes the scent names don't match the scent. Many Living Colors melts have very weak or zero throw. Some may do well in a very small bathroom, but many would not throw well anywhere.

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Waterfall Mist
This is a nice jasmine type floral scent with a soapy note. It's not overly sweet, and has a very slightly salty watery note. I wish this one had thrown well, as it had almost zero throw.

Garden Blooms
I really like this one but I can't figure out the notes. It's definitely floral and very sweet. It almost has a lilac vibe, but not quite, and maybe baby powder. It smells fake, but not in a bad way, more like a really floral shower gel with fresh notes. This had barely any throw, maybe a 1 or 1.5 out of 5.

Nice generic gardenia scent, but no throw.

Bamboo Sugarcane
It doesn't smell like bamboo or sugar. It's not sweet at all. It's very very savory, almost like a salad with perhaps a hint of lemon. It smelled a little like cat pee when melted, not good at all. I don't get that cat pee note on cold sniff though. Good throw.

Iced Lavender
This smells like a fake lavender, but smells very nice. Weak throw.

Sea Salt Scrub
This is a really strange scent. It doesn't smell like ocean or sea salt or a spa scrub type scent at all. It smells like burnt chocolate and dust combined. That description sounds awful, but it's so unusual that I can't not like it. Throw is very good.

Orange Blossom Tea
I definitely smell orange and tea, and the orange is more like an orange rind rather than a sparkly citrusy orange. The tea is not a chai tea, but more of an iced tea. There may be a little bit of ginger in the background. It's a very nice refreshing scent, and throw is very good.

Cucumber Mint
It smells like a spa mint, kind of like ScentSationals Zen. I don't smell cucumber. It's not very strong on cold sniff, and since I already have several Zen type scents, I didn't buy this one.

This is similar to Cucumber Mint but slightly more savory. Very weak on cold sniff, and weak throw.

Peach Cassis
I didn't buy this one because it smells like a fake peach car air freshener. I don't smell anything else, like cassis.

Citrus & Sage
This smells like orange with something in the background that gives it a slight spa quality. It's very similar to Orange Blossom Tea. Weak throw.

Coastal Breeze
Very nice fresh soapy body wash or herbal shampoo scent but very light on cold sniff. Slight ocean type saltiness. Weak throw.

Lilac Bloom
This smells like lilac room spray. It's nice, but not authentic. It's sweeter than Lilac & Lily and I like it just a bit more. Throw is good, but ScentSationals, Better Homes & Gardens, and Mainstays Lilac scents and throw are better.

Lilac & Lily
I definitey smell lilac, but I think there's a slightly different floral mixed in. It's a very "spring" like scent, and it's slightly more authentic than the Lilac Bloom scent. This had barely any throw, maybe a 1 or 1.5 out of 5.

Citrus Vanilla
I'm not sure why I bought this one, since it's straight vanilla with a little bit of coconut which makes it smell like a vanilla cupcake. I don't smell citrus at all. It's not overly sweet. I have tons of vanilla scents, and from experience I've found that Living Colors vanilla scents typically have no throw. And I was right. This had barely any throw, maybe a 1 or 1.5 out of 5.

Vanilla Cream
This is a more sweet buttercream vanilla scent than Citrus Vanilla. I like this one more. It's not super sweet, like buttercream frosting, but more like a sweet white spongey cake or an iced vanilla cookie. Zero throw.

Vanilla Amber
This is a nice vanilla buttercream type scent with a rich cashmere amber note, like a smokey vanilla. It's a very nice elegant scent, but throw was very weak.

Tahitian Vanilla
I no longer have this one so I don't remember the specific scent notes, but the throw was very weak.

Nice fake watermelon candy type scent. I'm not a fan of watermelon scents, so I didn't think I'd like this one. But it smells nice and summery. Throw is mediocre though, but would do well in a smaller room.

This does not smell like sandalwood at all. It's straight cinnamon, maybe with a little bit of sugar. No wood notes at all. Weak throw.

Lemongrass Sage
This is a really fake lemon scent, like a lemon candy but not very lemony. I can't describe it, and although it's not an awful scent, I don't care for it, and I don't remember if I had ever bought it or not.

Maple Sugar Oak
I don't smell any wood in this. It smells like maple french toast or maple pancakes. It's not straight maple syrup, because I smell a slight bread note as well. Throw is very good.

Tangerine Burst
Super strong fake orange soda scent without the fizziness, or orange candy. Very strong and orangey, and it smells really good, although it's a little harsh. Maybe I'll mix it with a vanilla. Throw is excellent.

Lemon Bars
This smells like straight "true" lemon with a little bit of salt. It's not a kitchen lemon or a bakery lemon or a lemon alcoholic drink. It's probably one of the best lemon scents I've ever smelled, and throw is excellent.

Pineapple Coconut
Fake pineapple coconut tropical scent, like a tropical car freshener. It smells better melted though, and throw is very good.

Coconut Lime
This smells like straight coconut, although it's a fake coconut. I don't smell any lime or pineapple notes. I don't think I ever bought this one.

Mango & Saffron
Super sweet peach or persimmon nectar type scent. It's a nice scent, but it has a very slight cat pee note! Throw is very good.

Lotus Blossom
Some kind of floral, but very weak on cold sniff, and no throw.

Apple Cinnamon
Typical fake generic fall apple scent with a hint of cinnamon, like a cinnamon apple room spray. Weak throw.

Grapefruit Chamomile
Smells like real grapefruit, and throw is very good.

Cool Serenity
Very nice super sweet cotton laundry scent. Not a harsh laundry scent. Unfortunately, no throw at all.


Nice honeysuckle scent, but weak throw.

Tangerine Tigerlily
I no longer have this one so I don't remember the specific notes. I do recall that it smelled great on cold sniff, but had zero throw when melted.

Tranquil Waters
I no longer have this one so I don't remember the specific notes, but it had no throw.

Sweet Cherries
Very light on cold sniff. I can barely smell the cherries. I didn't buy this because I couldn't find the melts, only the candles.

Fresh Linen
Typical generic nice laundry scent. Only found candles, no melts.

This smells like coffee with a lot of cream and hazelnut creamer mixed in. Weak throw. Only found candles, no melts.

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  1. Wow. I just got the Sandalwood and I am really enjoying it. I don't know how big a room you have, but in my living room, I can smell it very strong across the room. If it "threw" anymore it would be too strong.

  2. Yep, throw can definitely be subjective. In my Definitions page, I mention all the things that can affect throw, such as room size, traffic, warmer type, location of warmer, open windows, heat and air conditioning, etc.


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