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Big Lots Dual Scented Wax Melts Reviews

Big Lots Dual Scented Wax Melts Reviews

Big Lots 24 Dual Scented Wax Melts
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Big Lots came out with these Dual Scented Wax Melts in July 2017. The brand is not shown on the label, so I assume it's the Living Colors brand (Big Lots candles and wax melts brand). But I'm not sure. The wax is the same consistency, soft and greasy and messy. But this wax is even softer than the Living Colors wax. It's almost like tub margarine, and very difficult to get the cubes out of the package. I had to scrape the cubes out with a butter knife. There were 4 different dual scents.

Alaskan Cruise (Cypress & Cedar) and Amsterdam Floral Market (Garden Blooms)

- Alaskan Cruise (Cypress & Cedar)
A smoky fireplace scent with a strong pine note and maybe a smidgeon of cloves, and perhaps a hint of something fresh like a fresh air note. Throw was good, around a 3 out of 5.

- Amsterdam Floral (Garden Blooms)
A fake bitter waxy floral scent, and not very sweet. I don't like this one. Throw was poor, 1.5 or 2 out of 5.

English Tea Time (Lemon Biscotti) and Tahitian Sunset (Coconut & Sea Salt)

- English Tea Time (Lemon Biscotti)
I think this is the same scent as the Living Colors Lemon Bars and Lime Mojito scents. It's a fantastic salty sweet lemon vanilla cake scent, with maybe a smidgeon of kitchen lemon. The throw of the Lemon Bars scent was excellent, but the throw on this scent was not good, 2 or 2.5 out of 5.

- Tahitian Sunset (Coconut & Sea Salt)
I smell coconut and a "biting" note which could be pineapple or some other tropical fruit, although it doesn't smell like fruit, more like ammonia. OMG, it smells like Windex window cleaner! It's not a terrible scent, but I don't care for it. Throw was very good though, 3 or 3.5 out of 5.

European Cafe (French Vanilla Latte) and Napa Valley Tours (Black Currant Cabernet)

- European Cafe (French Vanilla Latte)
A rich milky scent, like whipped cream, and not very sweet. It's a nice scent! But I don't smell coffee at all. Throw was not good, 2 or 2.5 out of 5.

- Napa Valley Tours (Black Currant Cabernet)
This is a nice candy-like scent that smells like grapes and other berries. Throw was non-existent, 0 out of 5.

Tuscan Countryside (Sunflower Fields) and Hawaiian Escape (Turquoise Waters)

- Tuscan Countryside (Sunflower Fields) 
This is an interesting combination of scents. I smell a slightly bitter floral that makes this smell like old perfume, but there's a warm almost caramely note in the background that I really like. It's a unique scent! Throw was very good, 3.5 out of 5.

- Hawaiian Escape (Turquoise Waters)
A nice fresh watery scent with a hint of floral and maybe a smidgeon of coconut, although when melted I don't smell the coconut. Throw was good, around a 3 out of 5.

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