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Tuscany Candle Scented Wax Melts Reviews - June 2017

Tuscany Candle Scented Wax Melts Reviews - June 2017

Tuscany Candle Scented Wax Melts Reviews - June 2017
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This is a review of 4 Tuscany Candle Scented Wax Melts that I bought at Wegman's food store a few weeks ago. I believe these are older scents, but I've never tried them before. In general, I like the Tuscany Candle scents, but the throw tends to not be very good. As is the case with 3 of these scents. Finding Tuscany Candle wax melts it hit or miss, since there doesn't seem to be any particular store that carries them all the time. They seem to show up at of the blue a few times a year at random stores, and they don't even have a website so consumers have no way of knowing what scents are available.

Citrus Blush
This smells exactly like an orange creamsicle, that super sweet almost marshmallowy orange buttercream scent. Such a fantastic scent! Throw was good, around a 3 out of 5, but started fading within an hour and was pretty much gone in two hours.

Mandarin Currant
Mandarin is basically a type of orange, and currant is a slightly tart fig-like scent that gives a "classy" note to fragrances, a little like cranberry but sweeter and not as tart. The orange is the strongest note in this scent, but I do smell the tartness of the currant in the background, and it does have a very slight cranberry note but not as sweet and it's definitely not a fall scent. It smells a lot like ScentSationals Molten Orange, that intense but slightly tart orange scent. It's extremely strong on cold sniff. Throw was excellent, 5 out of 5, and it was a scent monster that took over the entire house! The scent started fading within 2 or 3 hours, but that's okay with me as I generally start getting bored of a scent after 2 or 3 hours.

Sage & Citrus
A nice clean slightly sweet herbal scent. It doesn't smell like sage (which is savory) OR citrus. Throw was poor, 1 out of 5, and I could barely smell it from a foot away.

A nice sweet watery scent that has a little bit of a foodie quality and might have a smidgeon of vanilla in the background. It smells a little like Mainstays Peaceful Waters, but it's not the same scent. Throw was very good, 3 or 3.5 out of 5, but started dissipating within 2 or 3 hours.

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