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PartyLite Scent Plus Melts Review

PartyLite Scent Plus Melts Review

PartyLite Scent Plus Melts Review
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This is a review of 4 PartyLite Scent Plus Melts. I bought only 4 scents because they were $5 each (normally $7) at a local craft fair. I've never tried PartyLite wax melts before, so I was curious.

$7 each is quite expensive, although it's for 3.2 oz. rather than the usual weight of wax melts which is 2.5 oz. ScentSationals and Better Homes and Gardens wax at Walmart is $2.00 for 2.5 oz. So $7 for 3.2 oz. is equivalent to $5.47 for 2.5 oz. Way too expensive.

The wax is also quite difficult to get out of the package. Because the wax is round and scored into 9 pieces, you can't just pop one piece out. You have to take the entire package of wax out and use a butter knife to cut the piece you want. Which breaks the whole piece of wax, and when you try to put it back into the package, not all the pieces fit properly. And the wax is slightly soft and greasy, which makes working with it even more difficult.

UPDATE: Since I posted this, I'm getting comments from PartyLite reps that the reason the scent didn't last for 30 hours like they're supposed to is because I didn't use an "official" PartyLite warmer. I don't know how many watts a PartyLite warmer is, so over the past few days I tested these again in a 15W electric warmer and a 25W bulb warmer. Performance was the same with the 15W as with the 20W warmer I used originally, but with the 25W bulb warmer the scent dissipated more quickly. I realize that certain types of wax prefer certain temperatures. But in my experience, good high quality wax performs well no matter what warmer you use.

Would I buy these again? If they were $3 or less, absolutely. If I'm going to spend $5 for wax, it had better be a scent monster that takes over the entire house, lasts for an entire day, and is not fussy about the type of warmer I use. Although these scents smell great, they performed no better than any other brand of wax melt that you can buy for less than half the price.

Copacabana Beach

Notes: The summery scent of warm coconut, juicy pineapple and tropical flowers

Oh this smells incredible! It smells like Coppertone suntan oil, but sweeter and richer with a creaminess and maybe a smidgeon of fruit. Looking at the scent notes, the pineapple is the fruit I'm detecting, but it doesn't really smell like pineapple which is good because I don't like pineapple.

Throw was excellent, 3.5 to 4 out of 5, but scent started to weaken 2 hours or so.

Hibiscus Wild Berry

Notes: A rich fruit and floral blend with a sweet chaser of musk

This smells like a raspberry cream scented skin lotion or perfume. It's nice and girly, and quite sweet, but not like a candy sweetness.

Throw was good to very good, around a 3 or maybe 3.5 out of 5.

Santorini Sea Blossom

Notes: Sparkling ozone and palm leaves meet white nectarine, coconut and wild plumeria over a bed of vanilla wood

I can't figure out the notes in this one, but it smells quite nice. It's a sweet creamy perfumey scent, but not overly sweet. I think I detect a smidgeon of orange or some other kind of fruit. It's also a warm scent, so maybe a bit of amber and a smidgeon of wood? Looking at the scent notes, there's the orange (nectarine), and the sweet perfume note is plumeria, in fact yes, I do smell the plumeria. I think I detect the ozone as there is a bit of a fresh air note in there. And the palm and vanilla wood is the smidgeon of wood I smell. I don't smell coconut though, or maybe it's just very faint.

Throw was very good, 3 to 3.5 out of 5, but scent started to weaken 2 hours or so.

Wild Strawberry

Notes: Strawberries accented with nuances of rock rose and bourbon vanilla

A fantastic sweet strawberry scent that smells like strawberry ice cream. It's not an authentic strawberry scent. And it has a bit of a creamy note, which is the vanilla. I don't smell rose at all.

Throw was excellent, 3.5 to 4 out of 5.

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