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Colonial Candle Simmersnaps Wax Melts Review

Colonial Candle Simmersnaps Wax Melts Review
Colonial Candle Simmersnaps Wax Melts
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This will be my last purchase from Colonial Candle. Too many of their Simmersnaps scents suffer from poor throw, which is ashame because the quality of their scents is fantastic, rich and complex. All of their Simmersnaps melts have a small hole on the top of the package. When scent is exposed to the air, it can dissipate over time. I assumed that throw was poor on a lot of the melts I had been buying because the scents had been out for a long time. However, these 4 scents are brand new for 2017, so there's no reason why one of them should have zero throw, and another should dissipate in under 2 hours.

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Denim & Lace
Notes: Clean and calming florals combine with nuzzly musk, soft denim, and a delicate lace
A pleasant musky floral with an apple note, although I don't see apple in the scent notes. Not very strong on cold sniff, and almost zero throw. When melted, I can barely smell it even from close up.

Wild Ivy
Notes: Shimmering red berry with fresh-cut rose, silver driftwood, and English ivy
This smells a little like ScentSationals Vanilla Woods or Better Homes & Gardens Pure White Woods. I smell light woods first (there's the driftwood in the scent notes) with a floral note (I don't smell rose per se though). I don't smell berries at all, even though that's the first scent note. It's a nice scent, and throw is fairly good, around a 3 out of 5.

Sugared Violet Petals
Notes: Peony with powdery violet
This smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Violet Sugar, but sweeter. It's very strong on cold sniff, a fantastic sweet warm floral with a note of richness that almost gives it a foody quality. It doesn't smell like violets, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't smell like peony either (which I believe has a rose note). It's almost like a "pink sugar" type scent, very sweet almost like cotton candy, but then there's a very warm kind of ambery note that makes it very rich. And unlike most Colonial Candles wax melts, this one is a scent monster and takes over the entire house, a 5 out of 5 throw! But unfortunately the scent dissipated in under 2 hours.

Notes: A sparkling burst of lime blended with fresh green notes of agave nectar and crisp herbaceous notes
This is a lime scent with a fresh watery note. It's not overly sweet (even with the agave nectar), probably due to the herbaceous notes. I guess it does smell like lemonade but made with limes (limes are slightly more bitter), but the herbaceous notes give it a slight lemongrass note, so it's not overly citrusy. I think it's more of a fresh "atmospheric" lime scent, like being outside on a warm breezy day in the middle of a lime grove. It's a nice scent, and throw is very good, around a 3.5 out of 5.

I did not get the new Pink Guava and Soft Peony scents since they seemed to be similar to a lot of scents I already have.

The following were on sale for $0.50 each. I don't know if these scents will be back next season:

Bubbling Cauldron
Notes: Macintosh apples, soft musk, sweet vanilla cream, and bourbon toffee
A buttery caramel note but not very sweet, with an apple note, a little bit of musky perfume, and maybe a slight note of light wood.  When melted, I don't smell the wood, just a rich, sweet butterscotch caramel scent with a hint of apple, but it's not really a foodie scent because of the warm ambery musk note. Very nice scent, and throw is very good, around a 3 or 3.5 out of 5.

Enchanted Spell
Notes: Juicy red fruits, peony and rose petals, with sweet cream
I smell fruit but I'm not sure what kind, maybe apples and berries. And there's a hint of floral. It's a nice scent, and not overly sweet.  Throw is not good, around a 2 or maybe 2.5 out of 5.

Spooky Nights
Notes: Black pepper, rich amber, and warm woods
Another one that's weak on cold sniff, although it smells fantastic. I smell tobacco primarily, with maybe a slight warm amber note and possibly a smidgeon of leather. It also has a waxy note which will hopefully disappear when it melts. Throw was only fair, around a 2.5 out of 5, and unfortunately it retained that waxy note when melted.

Glowing Jack O'Lanterns
Notes: Blood orange, soft florals, sandalwood, and warm musk
Scent is very weak on cold sniff, so I'm not sure what I'm smelling. Maybe a little bit of orange with a floral and maybe creamy vanilla in the background. Looking at the scent notes, there's the orange and floral. I don't smell sandalwood or musk. Throw is good, around a 3 out of 5.

And these last two were on sale for $1.80:

Fireside S'Mores
Notes: Fireside glow with hints of crackling woods and amber
This smells like sweet condensed milk or a very sweet milky vanilla with a little bit of marshmallow. I also do smell the warm ambery notes, but not any woodsy or smoky notes. I think I do smell a smidgeon of graham cracker. Throw is good, around a 3 out of 5.

Vintage Christmas
Notes: Clove, cedar leaf, and pine with a burst of amber
I didn't like this scent at all. It has a strong sage note that reminds me of sausage or scrapple, but not in a good way because there's a little bit of sweetness that seems odd against the sage note, and a slightly moldy note in the background. I think I do smell clove and cedar, but those other notes ruin it. Throw was quite good though, around a 3 or 3.5 out of 5.

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