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Tuscany Candle Spring Wax Melts Review - April 2016

Tuscany Candle Spring Wax Melts Review - April 2016

Tuscany Candle Spring Wax Melts - April 2016
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I believe these are part of Tuscany Candle's spring collection (with 3 additional scents which I reviewed at I found these at Christmas Tree Shops ( in mid-April 2016. I don't know if they're new scents or older, discontinued scents. The top line is the scent name, the second line is the description on the package, and the paragraph underneath is my review of that scent.

Blood Orange
"Citrus Blast"
This is a holiday pomander scent, which is a mix of orange and cloves. It's the same scent they use in a lot of their orange scents, including Orange Vanilla. It's a strong scent, but not a spring or summer scent. I'm not a fan of that orange pomander scent, but that's just a personal preference. Throw is excellent.

Salted Caramel Cake
"Sea Salt, Brown Sugar and Vanilla"
This really smells like caramel. The brown sugar note is very strong. This is not as salty as some other brands of salted caramel scents (like Yankee). Yummy scent! Throw is excellent.

Cotton Candy
"Sugary Airy Sweet"
Tuscany's Cotton Candy scent breaks the "cotton candy curse" (as in, I've never found a cotton candy scented wax melt that had a strong throw). This is a totally authentic cotton candy scent, with that sticky strawberry/lemon sugary note. And the throw is very good to excellent. Fantastic scent!

Ocean Pebbles
"Sea Heather and Driftwood"
This smells like a fresh men's body wash, kind of like "Cool Water". It's very strong on cold sniff and throw is excellent.

Strawberry Cake
"Fresh Strawberries and Buttercream Frosting"
This smells exactly like strawberry shortcake. On cold sniff, a lot of Tuscany scents have a weird sour or waxy note, and this one is no exception. But you don't smell that sour waxy note when it's melted. I love this scent! And throw is good to very good.

Mountain Meadow
"Fresh and Clean"
This one is a bit weak on cold sniff. It's a sweet grassy floral but there's a slightly harsh note in there, like a sweet chemical, that I don't like. This smells a little like ScentSationals Orchard Breeze. Throw is fair to good, which was a pleasant surprise since I expected it to be weaker based on cold sniff.

Dandy Daisy
"Spring Daisies Lightened with Tonka"
Tonka is a type of vanilla, and I don't smell any kind of vanilla in this scent. It's not exactly a floral either. It's a fresh oceany scent with a hint of clean floral, like maybe a body wash or even a laundry type scent. It's a nice generic fresh scent. Throw is very good.

Puffed Petals
"Soft Florals Blended with Sugar Cane"
This smells like vanilla mixed with a floral and a warm ambery cashmere note. It's a very nice delicate, classy fragrance. Unfortunately, no throw at all.

Blushing Orchid
"Delicate and Wild"
A nice jasmine type floral scent with a green note and a smidgeon of soapiness that keeps it from being perfumey or too sweet. Barely any throw when melted.

Spring Rain
"Pure and Clean"
This one smells a little like Blushing Orchid but not as sweet and floral, and there's an additional note in there that makes it smells a little watery, but I'm not sure if I like that note and it's hard to describe. No throw when melted.

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