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Yankee American Home Scented Wax Melts (Walmart) Review - Spring 2016

Yankee American Home Scented Wax Melts (Walmart) Review - Spring 2016

Yankee American Home Scented Wax Melts from Walmart - Spring 2016
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This is a review of the new Yankee American Home Wax Cubes Scented Wax Melts from Walmart, Spring 2016 scents. The Yankee "American Home" line is sold exclusively by Walmart. You can view their products and complete scent list at http://www.ycamericanhome.com.

I also did a review of the Fall/Winter/Holiday/Christmas Yankee American Home scents back in December (http://www.scentedwaxreviews.com/2015/12/yankee-american-home-wax-cubes-walmart.html). At that link you can also read about Yankee's dishonest marketing ploy to make you think paying double the price of other Walmart wax brands makes sense because the package is larger. It's not. You're just paying for more plastic.

For the most part, these are very nice scents. But still no better than ScentSationals or Better Homes & Gardens wax melts, which sell at Walmart for $2.00 each (almost half of the Yankee price, for the same amount of wax).

Below is the scent name, scent description from the website, my review, and my throw score (on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being no throw and 5 being a "scent monster" that takes over the entire house). Keep in mind that throw (how far the scent throws when it's being melted) is mostly subjective, and can be affected by room size, room temperature, breeze, traffic, your own experience and expectations, your health (if you have a cold or allergies, for instance), and even different batches of the same scent. See more information about throw at http://www.scentedwaxreviews.com/p/definitions.html.

Here are my reviews:

Classic Denim
This is a nice fresh air laundry scent, more like a dryer sheet than detergent. This smells a little similar to Mainstays Fresh Cotton, and less of the harsh detergent notes of Better Homes & Gardens Line Dried Linen. It may have a smidgeon of clean lemon but barely noticeable. This may be a dupe of the regular Yankee Candle scent "Clean Cotton", but I'm not sure. Throw is very good, around a 3 or 3.5 out of 5.

Pink Island Sunset
This is a pleasant tropical scent without any pungent tropical notes such as sourness or fake coconut. It's kind of non-descript. I do smell a little bit of coconut and a smidgeon of tropical fruit, but there's also a slight fresh air note and maybe even a smidgeon of vanilla. It's pleasant but kind of boring, and smells like a lot of other scents out there. I believe this is a dupe of the regular Yankee Candle scent "Pink Sands". Throw is around a 3 out of 5 but the scent disappeared within 3 hours.

Perfect Margarita
This is a nice fresh sweet creamy lime scent. It's not a harsh "industrial cleaner" type lime, and it might have a hint of vanilla in it to give it that creamy note. I've been told this may be a dupe of the regular Yankee Candle "Margarita Time" scent (which I've never smelled). I really like this one, a perfect summer scent! Throw is very good, around a 3.5 out of 5.

Exotic Jasmine
On cold sniff, this smells like a real flower growing in a greenhouse. This may be the most authentic greenhouse type flower scent I've ever smelled in a wax melt! I don't know if it smells like jasmine per se, maybe more like an Easter Lily, or it might actually be jasmine but just a natural version rather than the usual fake perfumey type. I can actually smell the petals! It's not very strong on cold sniff, so the throw is better than I thought it would be. Throw is around a 2 or 2.5 out of 5 which is not great, but good enough for a small room. People will be looking around the room trying to find the vase of fresh flowers!

Lovely Lavender
This is kind of a fake lavender scent with a slightly waxy chemical note on cold sniff. But it smells better when melted, like a lavender scented cleaner, a little bit like Fabuloso cleaner but not as good since it's not sweet enough. It's not very sweet, but it's not an herbal savory spa lavender either, and it has a slight soapy note. Throw wasn't very good, around a 2 or maybe a 2.5 out of 5, but would do well in a small room.

Buttercream Frosting
On cold sniff, this just smells like a sweet vanilla rather than a rich buttercream frosting. It has a little bit of a "fake vanilla" note, but when melted it does become a bit more "buttercreamy". Throw is okay, around a 2.5 or 3 out of 5.

Fresh Apple
Just like the name says, it smells like a fresh apple. It's not overly sweet, no cinnamon or bakery notes. It does have a very slight "fake apple" note. No throw when melted, or maybe barely a 1 out of 5. I don't even think it would throw well in a small bathroom!

Sunny Sands
I bought this one the following month, in March. By the name I assumed this would be a dupe of Yankee's regular scent called Sun & Sand, but it's not. It smells like a combination of that scent, with the suntan oil notes. But there's a smigeon of a sour fruit note in there as well. It's not really sour like a sour tropical fruit though, and I think there's also a floral note. It's a nice scent, but I can't figure out the actual notes. Throw was good, around a 3 out of 5, but the scent fizzled within 2 hours.

In summary, the only one that really stands out for me is Perfect Margarita, which I will be stocking up on!

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