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Scentsationals Scented Wax Melts - Early Spring 2016 Scents Review

Scentsationals Scented Wax Melts - Early Spring 2016 Scents Review

ScentSationals Scented Wax Melts - Early Spring 2016
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This is a review of the new ScentSationals scented wax melts scents that came out in January-February 2016. This is an update of the review I posted on January 30, 2016, since I found other new ScentSationals scents since then. I bought Pink Velvet, Himalayan Pink Salt, Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies, Day Dream, Egyptian Cotton, Rainy Day, and Love Letters from, and I found the other scents shown here the following week at Walmart. These scents may also be available at other stores such as Meijer's and Kroger stores.

Violet Sugar
"A Sweet Combination of Wild Violet and Sugar"
This smells a lot like ScentSationals Blackberry Cider, but with some different notes, like maybe a barely noticeable smidgeon of floral and citrus. If you're not familiar with Blackberry Cider, it doesn't smell like cider at all. It's a very warm almost ambery sweet scent with maybe a hint of blackberry, if at all. Violet Sugar is not quite as sweet and ambery. It's a fantastic fragrance! But sadly, throw isn't very good, maybe a 2 or 2.5, and the scent fizzled within 2 hours. UPDATE: I tried another one several months later, and the throw was fantastic, 3.5 or 4 out of 5, and scent lasted all day! Maybe I got one from a bad batch the first time?

Isla Bonita
"Wild Flower and Amber Sweet Mandarin"
This one is different. It's definitely a tropical fruit scent, but not sweet, more savory and sour, and no coconut notes that are often found in tropical scents. Mandarin smells like orange, but I don't smell any orange or citrus. And if there's a wildflower note, I don't really smell it although it may be way in the background. This one is hard to describe, I guess it's basically a sour fruit, which sounds bad, but it actually doesn't smell bad. I'm not sure if I really like it or not. I think this is one that people will either like or hate. I've heard from other people that the throw on this one is light, but for me throw was excellent, around a 4 out of 5.

Passion Fruit Coconut
"A Delectable, Sweet, Tropical Combination"
I smell coconut and a slight fruity note, but also a clean, fresh air note as well as a hint of amber that warms it up and gives it a bit of a foody quality. It's not a harsh coconut, and it's not a typical tropical scent either. I really like this scent, but the throw is not very good, maybe a 2 out of 5.

Petal Showers
"Petal Blossoms Infused with Citrus and Plum"
This is a fruity floral but I can't pick out the individual notes. It smells a little like scented toilet paper, but that's not a bad thing. It's a nice scent, a little generic, and I don't smell citrus or plum. Throw was terrible, maybe a 1 out of 5 if that.

Tropical Fuse
"A Tropical Fruit Medley"
This isn't nearly as tropical as the name and picture suggests. It's a sour tropical fruit scent, but the sourness is tempered by a floral background, although it's not really sweet and the floral is not really noticeable as it's more of a "green", natural type floral rather than perfumey. Melted, it's very similar to the new SS Isla Bonita, with that slightly sour fruit note. But although the throw is good, at around 2.5 or 3 out of 5, it's not as good as Isla Bonita.

Dazzling Sky Duo - Sky Lantern + Amethyst Sky
Amethyst Sky (the pink side) is a nice warm ambery scent with zero throw. Sky Lantern (orange side) is a beautiful ambery cedar scent.

Secret Garden Duo - Rainy Day and Petal Showers
This is just the two new scents, Rainy Day and Petal Showers, side by side (see reviews of each scent here).

Tropical Beauty - Passion Fruit Coconut and Isla Bonita
This is just the two new scents, Passion Fruit Coconut and Isla Bonita, side by side (see reviews of each scent here).

Pink Velvet
"A Lovely Blend of Sugar and Vanilla"
This smells to me like ScentSationals Pretty in Pink (a light "pink sugar" type scent, like cotton candy with a hint of sweet perfume) mixed with vanilla to tone down the sweetness, plus a hint of lemon and almond, and a smidgeon of raspberry. Kind of a like a grown up, bakery version of Pretty in Pink, or a raspberry macaroon with that hint of raspberry and lemon. Throw is very good, around a 3.5 or 4 out of 5.

Himalayan Pink Salt
"An Invigorating Blend of Eucalyptus and Jasmine"
This is kind of sweet masculine scent, not a floral. Any floral sweetness is tempered by the eucalyptus, which adds a clean, soapy, masculine, almost peppery note that makes it smell a little like a sweet shaving cream. But it's not a menthol scent, and there's no Vicks Vaporub or minty note at all. There is a slight "salt scrub" note, so I might classify it as a spa scent, although it's also a fresh, clean scent. I just don't know how I'd classify the scent though. It's not a floral. It's "almost" a cologne scent but not really. And it's also a clean scent, but not completely. Maybe even a spa scent, but a little too sweet. I'll put it under "spa" because it does have a very slight "salt scrub" note. Throw is excellent, close to a 4 out of 5.

Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies
"The Ultimate Soft and Chewy Citrus Treat"
This is a different lemon scent than other ScentSationals lemon scents. It's like a cross between bakery lemon and kitchen lemon. Compared to Living Colors Lemon Bars, Lemon Bars is a little stronger on the lemon, saltier, and slightly more bakery. 
Compared to ScentSationals Lemon Meringue, the Lemon Meringue is more bakery, and even though it's a fantastic scent, it smells more fake and waxy. Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies is a more authentic lemon "confection", like the filling of a lemon meringue pie, with a tinge of vanilla, and not a lot of crust. It smells like the lemon note in ScentSationals Lemongrass Mint. It's also sweet and has a slight "kitchen lemon" (like Lemon Pledge) note, so it should satisfy lemon scent lovers no matter what type of lemon you prefer. Excellent throw, 4 out of 5.

Day Dream
"Lush Greens and Spiced Jasmine"
This is a green plant type floral, not overly sweet like a flowery floral, but more like sweet green grass with a little bit of jasmine wafting in the air. It also has a hint of spicy perfume, just enough to make it "not quite" a floral, but somewhere between a floral and a perfume. Ah, I think that other note I detect is a sweet cedar wood scent, which makes this scent smell a little bit like ScentSationals White Sandalwood scent from a few years ago. Throw is excellent, 4 out of 5.

Egyptian Cotton
"A Delicate Blend of Light Floral and White Musk"
This is basically a toned down version of ScentSationals Vintage Lace (one of my favorite scents). It's a lovely warm cashmere (a lighter sweeter fabric-y amber scent) mixed with old-fashioned white musk. It's not a laundry scent, as there's no harshness and no clean detergent notes, but perhaps a slight fabric softener note. It smells like ScentSationals Vintage Lace mixed with a little bit of ScentSationals Crisp Linens to temper the sweetness. Throw is fairly good, maybe a 3 or 3.5 out of 5.

Rainy Day
"Pure Water Lily and the Warmth of White Musk"
This smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Bali Shores (from 2014 but still available on the ScentSationals website) and ScentSationals Paradise (also from 2014 but has been discontinued), and may in fact be that exact scent. It's sweet and watery with a hint of musky perfume, but it's more of a fresh scent than a perfume scent. It may possibly have another note in it, maybe a smidgeon of salty soapy clean air. When melted though, I'm 95% sure it's a dupe of the Bali Shores and Paradise scents. Throw is very good, 3.5 out of 5.

Love Letters
"Cedarwood, Vanilla and Almond"
A nice cashmere/amber type scent with a perfumey note and something else kind of milky, can't put my finger on it but it's not a dupe for any other SS scents that I know of. Now that I see the scent notes, OK I guess the milkiness is the almond and I guess I can detect a smidgeon of cedar. Throw is not good, maybe a 1.5 or 2 out of 5, but would probably do okay in a small room like a bathroom.

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