Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sonoma Wine Scented Wax - Seasonal Collection Fall 2015

Sonoma Wine Scented Wax - Seasonal Collection Fall 2015

Sonoma Wine Scented Wax - Fall 2015
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Sonoma has four wine related scents in their Fall 2015 collection. These are fantastic, unique scents, and I hope Sonoma decides to add more scents to this line. I got these at the Kohl's store. Watch the review video above, or read the text below:

Wine Tasting
The most authentic wine scent I've ever smelled. If I close my eyes, I think I'm really smelling wine. It's a deep rich concord grape scent with the winey fermentation. Personally, I don't like the smell of wine, so this is not my favorite scent. And I'm not sure I want my house to smell like wine! But it sure is a different and unique scent, and the throw is excellent.

Wine Cellar
Like the picture on the label, this smells like an old wooden wine barrel. It's an intense wood scent, almost like cedar. But it has a mustiness to it that smells like I've just walked into a cool, dark old cellar. And there's also just a smidgeon of wine. Fantastic scent, very unique. Throw is good but could be better.

Vineyard Walk
This is a zesty savory lemony scent with a hint of some kind of herb, maybe rosemary? It doesn't smell like what I think a vineyard would smell like. It's almost like a slightly vinegary lemon that would go on a salad. It's a fantastic scent with great throw.

From the Vine
The picture on the front shows dark purple grapes, but this doesn't smell like grapes. This is a zesty savory scent with a lemony and maybe even a very slight smoky wood note. It smells a lot like Vineyard Walk, but with maybe a different herb, like sage instead of rosemary (I'm not up on my herbs). This one has a "creamy" lemony note, yummy like salad dressing. And like Vineyard Walk, it's not sweet at all, definitely savory. I can't describe it, but it's fantastic. Throw is okay.

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