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Scented Wax Reviews - Orange Scents

Scented Wax Reviews - Orange Scents

This is a review of oranged scented wax melts. Orange scents and citrus smells can help you concentrate, wake you up in the morning, and give you energy.

Scented Wax Reviews - Orange Scents
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  • ScentSationals Orange Cream Cupcake
    Bakery orange, like an orange flavored yellow cake. It smells a little more lemony to me though.
  • ScentSationals Orange Cream Swirl
    Creamy orange, like an orange cream popsicle or orange cream candies.
  • Cobblestone Candle Orange Ginger Fizz
    Orange flavored soda with a slight fizziness and a very slight ginger note.
  • ScentSationals Orange Blossom
    A nice slightly floral citrus scent
  • Better Homes & Gardens Orange Buttercream Cupcake
    Smells just like SS Orange Cream Cupcake, with maybe a slightly more creamy sweetness. Or it might be the exact same scent!
  • ScentSationals Hangin' Out
    The label says "A fun-filled blend of plum, blackberry and wild currant", but it smells like orange to me, with maybe a hint of some kind of berry and a slight creamy candy note.
  • ScentSationals Rise & Shine
    Although this one has oranges on the label, I detect only a very subtle barely noticeable hint of orange, but mostly I smell something like cake and perhaps a hint of coffee. I wouldn't really classify this under orange scents except for the oranges on the label.
  • Better Homes & Gardens Valencia Blood Orange
    ScentSationals Molten Orange
    ScentSationals Fusion Mandarin Zest

    A very intense orange scent, similar to satsuma (a small orange with a pungent lemony slightly grapefruit citrus scent). All 3 of these scents smell very similar and may in fact be the same scent.
  • ScentSationals Special Moments
    Fake orange scent but not in a bad way, maybe like orange flavored candy but not overly sweet. May have a hint of grapefruit.
  • AmbiEscents Citrus Sunrise
    A creamy bakery orange scent, similar to ScentSationals Rise & Shine but with more orange.
  • Boulevard Orange & Clove
    Similar to ScentSationals Orange Clove but with less orange. Again, this is more of a fall scent than an orange scent.
  • Living Colors Tangerine Burst
    Just like the name suggests, this is a "burst" of orange, a bright orange soda type orange but without the fizziness. Has a slight pungent satsuma note.
  • Sonoma Be Rejuvenated (Citrus Mist)
    Refreshing general citrus scent. I smell mostly orange but maybe also grapefruit and possibly a hint of lemon. It's not a realistic scent, and I think it has some fresh air notes in it that makes the room smell clean.
  • ScentSationals Orange Clove
    Orange scent with a hint of clove, a slight bakery note, and a smidgeon of wood. This is more of a fall type scent. It's very similar to Better Homes & Gardens Pomander and Pinecones, but a little more spice, a slight bakery note, less orange, and less woodsiness. Or it may in fact be the same scent as Pomander and Pinecones.
  • Better Homes & Gardens Pomander and Pinecones
    Orange with a woodsy note and just a smidgeon of clove. It's not a bright citrusy orange. "Pomander" is an orange or apple studded with cloves to perfume the air, usually around the holidays. The label shows a photo of a pomander. Similar to ScentSationals Orange Clove, but no bakery notes, more woodsiness and more orange, and slightly less spicy.
  • Better Homes & Gardens Cranberry Mandarin Splash
    Mainstays Cranberry Mandarin

    I believe these are the same scent. They smells lik orange candy with a very slight tangy berry note. Very strong!

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