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Better Homes & Gardens (Walmart) Winter Holiday Christmas 2015 Scented Wax Melts Reviews

Better Homes & Gardens Winter Holiday Christmas 2015 Scented Wax Melts
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Better Homes & Gardens (Walmart) Winter Holiday Christmas 2015
Scented Wax Melts Reviews

Cranberry Apple Martini
This smells more like a summer scent than winter, like vanilla with the very slightly tart cranberry note and a hint of apple and even watermelon. Actually, it smells a little more like strawberry than cranberry. It also has a very slight makeup or perfume note, but in a good way. I love this one.
Throw: 3.5

Twinkling Holiday Lights
I'm not sure if this is a new scent or not. Minty eucalyptus with a bit of pine, and a hint of vanilla and maybe even a smidgeon of berry. It's not a sweet mint like peppermint. This smells like AmbiEscents Pine Wreath, with the addition of the minty eucalyptus menthol. If you inhale directly over the melting wax, you get that sinus clearing effect, but even from farther away it has a "cooling" note. This is a perfect scent to melt if you have a cold!
Throw: 4.5

Christmas Morning Latte
This is an old scent brought back this season (it was a Limited Edition 2013 scent). Super creamy buttery coffee flavored eggnog with nutmeg and cinnamon. This is like ScentSationals Iced Coffee scent mixed with nutmeg and cinnamon. I love this one!
Throw: 4.5

Candied Mulberry Spice
I believe this is an old scent brought back this season. Bright sweet cranberry scent with just a smidgeon of spice. This has a very slightly offputting bitter "cat pee" note in the background. It's not enough to be bothersome, but it does seem to come out a bit more as the wax has been melting for a few hours.
Throw: 5

Frosted Honey Cake
Sweet rich honey mixed with cake batter. This smells like ScentSationals Bee Sweet or Honey Nectar, mixed with cake. It does not smell like ScentSationals Honey Bourbon Frosting, as that scent is sweeter, has the bourbon note, and no cake notes. Fantastic yummy scent!
Throw: 4

Frosty Winter Nights
On cold sniff, it smells like eucalyptus with a hint of balsam, and maybe a smidgeon of anise. When melted, it's definitely balsam/pine with eucalyptus, and a spearmint note. I'm not a fan of spearmint, and this smells a little like the spearmint in ScentSationals Zen or ScentSationals Yin & Yang, but more of it, and with balsam. This is not one of my favorites, and other people who have tried this scent seem to concur.
Throw: 3

A Wonderful Winter
This smells like a combination of apple and eucalyptus, with a hint of cinnamon. Not overly sweet. The eucalyptus is very minty, but plain mint, not spearmint, so no toothpaste note. The eucalyptus adds that very slightly sage-y note to counteract too much sweetness from the apple. When melted, I definitely smell all 3 notes: the apple, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. Close up it has a very strong sinus-clearing menthol effect, more than most other minty scents I've smelled, and I can even detect the sinus-clearing effect in the room. I like the crisp apple note in this one!
Throw: 4

Pomander and Pinecones
Orange with a woodsy note and a hint of clove, and maybe a smidgeon of sage. It's not a bright citrusy orange nor is it sweet at all. It's actually quite savory. "Pomander" is an orange or apple studded with cloves to perfume the air, usually around the holidays. The label shows a photo of a pomander. I can smell the orange, cloves and sage, but you can't really tell what you're smelling other than it has a slight "food" quality, like someone is cooking something. This one is absolutely a 5 in terms of throw. It's taken over the entire house and outside the house with the windows closed. In fact, the strong savory aspect was too overwhelming so I had to toss a cube of vanilla in it to subdue the scent a bit. This scent is interesting, but I'm not a fan because it's too "rich" or nauseating or something.
Throw: 5

Sparkling Berry Garland
A light pine scent with a eucalyptus note and maybe a smidgeon of vanilla.
Throw: 3

Gourmet Cookie Shop
The photo on the label shows a sugared vanilla cookie, but this smells like a rich oatmeal cookie with a slightly cinnamon note, similar to ScentSationals Spiced Oatmeal Cookie but without the raisin note. In fact, I've been told it's a dupe of ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie scent. Yummy!
Throw: 3.5

White Cranberry Amaryllis
Amaryllis is a type of lily flower with a mild, sweet and delicate scent. In fact, there's a picture of the amaryllis next to cranberries on the label. This is a beautiful sweet berry scent with a hint of floral, and it almost has a "lipstick" scent quality. I can smell the sweet cranberry, but it smells like a warm intense strawberry, like strawberry jam. I think this is more of a summer scent than a winter scent. And although it has a lot of the same notes as Cranberry Apple Martini, that one is a different scent, with more tart berry and a watermelon note, not as sweet and no floral notes. I really like this scent.

Aha, I knew I recognized this scent! This is a dupe of ScentSationals Italian Gelato which I have classified as a Pink Sugar type scent. The wax is even the exact same shade of red.
Throw: 3

Iced Winter Cranberry
This is an old scent that's back for the season. This smells just like wine or champagne, fermented and with that slightly vinegary note. There's no mintiness that would make it "iced". I'm not a fan of wine scents so this one isn't my favorite.
Throw: 4

Snowy Winter Woods
This is not a new scent, but it's back for the season. Woodsy with a note of smoky spruce and eucalyptus, and a smidgeon of mint, but not a sweet mint. It might have some other note I can't put my finger on, but I really like this one, and it seems to be a favorite with a lot of people.
Throw: 4

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