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Wilma Handmade Scented Wax Review

Wilma Handmade Scented Wax Review

Wilma Handmade Scented Wax
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This is a review of Wilma Handmade Scented Wax Cup Melt Minis. My overall impression: I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and throw of this wax. I often don't have good luck with wax that I buy online, as I prefer to smell wax in the store (such as ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart) so I know what I'm getting.

These Wilma Handmade "Cup Melt Minis" are 0.8 oz. cups of scented wax priced at $1.10 each (as of this writing). I bought 33 scents, and for all but 3, I really liked the scents. As for the throw (how far the scent reaches when it's melted), 70% had a throw of "good or above", with most of those having very good or excellent throw. Only 20% had zero or barely detectable throw. When I buy wax, I always expect that a couple will have poor throw, but only 20% is much better than what I usually experience with wax that I order online.

April 19, 2016 update - Take a look at my new review of 43 Wilma Handmade scents, at

I grade throw on a scale of 0 to 5 as follows:

0 = no throw at all, even from up close
1 = barely any throw, only from a few feet away
2 = light throw (can smell it in a small room)
3 = good throw (can smell it in a large room and maybe a little outside the room)
4 = excellent throw (can smell it even outside the room and maybe the entire floor)
5 = "scent monster" (can smell it throughout the entire house, and maybe even outside the house with windows open). Very few wax scents are 5's.

Please remember that reviews are subjective. I might love a scent that someone else hates, and vice versa (which is why I don't usually grade the scent itself). And throw can be affected by different batches, warmers, and the environment in which they're being melted (see the Definitions page for more information).

Below I've included the scent name, scent description from the Wilma Handmade website, MY description of the scent, and a grade for the throw.

Apple Caramel Butter
"Imagine slightly tart, crisp red apples drizzled with sweet caramel and creamy melted butter. A sweet and sticky craving."
Yummy sweet caramel apple. On cold sniff this smells exactly like the Caramel Apple scent to me, although maybe very slightly sweeter and richer? But melted, a rich buttery slightly salty note comes out. Very nice!
Throw: 4

Blackberry Frankincense
"An interesting and relaxing blend of blackberries and frankincense."
Very light on cold sniff, kind of a waxy woodsy scent with a hint of berry.
Throw: 1

"A deep fragrance that blends tobacco leaves and rose petals with soft nuances of amber."
This had the same off-putting note as the Sweet Tobacco scent. On cold sniff I could smell the tobacco, and maybe a hint of rose but more like an old withered rose. I wasn't crazy about this scent.
Throw: 0

Caramel Apple (free sample)
"Crisp, tart green apple dipped in buttery, sweet caramel."
Yummy sweet caramel apple.
Throw: 4

Cookie Monster
"A strong fresh baked cookie with a touch of molasses."
Rich salty cookies with just a hint of cinnamon. This is not a "fall" type scent despite the cinnamon; it's a "cozy" warm cookies right out of the oven scent.
Throw: 3.5

Cotton Candy (free sample)
"Just like fresh cotton candy from a country fair! Light as air and sweet as can be. Sugary strawberry and sweet vanilla."
This really smells like cotton candy, very sweet with slight berry and that fake sugary note that makes it smell authentic.
Throw: 3

Cranberry Bog (free sample)
"A rich cranberry scent with a touch of spice and vanilla."
A nice sweet fruity candy scent. Not sure if I detect any spices. This one lasted a long time.
Throw: 4

Down Home Muffins
"Good ol' southern buttery sweet corn bread muffins! This is not your average corn bread scent."
Just like the description, it's a yummy buttery sweet corn bread scent. Smells a little like popcorn.
Throw: 3

Dragons Blood
"A tantalizing blend of ambers and woods."
This is the ultimate hippie incense fragrance, a sweet ambery baby powder patchouli type scent. Very nice, a little less sweet and more woodsy than other Dragons Blood scents I've smelled, but sweeter and slightly more baby powder than Frankincense & Myrrh.
Throw: 4

Euphoria (type)
"A provocative blend of pomegranate, persimmon, black orchid, lotus blossom, amber, mahogany woods, black violet, and a touch of cream. A Calvin Klein duplication."
Creamy woodsy amber with a hint of blackberry, and not too sweet. Fantastic scent.
Throw: 2.5

Fabuloso (type)
"Just like the lavender household cleaner. So good and so strong!"
Fabuloso cleaner is a scent all its own, a fantastic clean herbal lavender soap, a little industrial (in a good way), not too sweet, but leaves your house smelling fresh and clean. Not many wax vendors carry this scent. This one smells just like the real thing!
Throw: 4

Frankincense & Myrrh
"Enchanting aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh."
Baby powder with a hippie incense note. Similar to Dragons Blood, but this is a little spicier and not as sweet. Very nice, but only lasted less than 3 hours.
Throw: 3.5

Fried Ice Cream
"Buttery whipped cream tops creamy vanilla bean. Hints of toasted nut and grated cinnamon."
Super sweet vanilla bean with just a hint of cinnamon and maybe caramel? Smells a little like buttercream frosting.
Throw: 1.5

Got Milk
"A creamy milk fragrance."
This smells more like rich salty buttery popcorn than milk, although it does have a rich milky note. Yummy scent!
Throw: 4

Guilty For Men (type)
"Lavender, lemon, orange blossom and neroli with patchouli. A Gucci duplication for men."
On cold sniff, smells like a fresh watery herbal men's cologne. I do detect the lavender and a slight lemony note, but no orange blossom/neroli.
Throw: 0

Hello Sugar (type)
"Delightful shortbread dusted with lemon sugar."
Perfect combination of sweet and sour lemon. Smells like a lemon smoothie or slushie. This might be the best lemon scent I've ever smelled!
Throw: 4

Lush Gothic
"Make a sexy statement. Blood orange blended with bourbon, oak moss, and patchouli with notes of amber."
On cold sniff it smells like a pleasant fresh perfume or cologne, actually like hand lotion or body cream, with maybe a hint of baby powder. I don't smell orange, but maybe amber and oak moss.
Throw: 1

Pear Noel
"Tart and juicy pear blended with our vanilla bean noel! A fabulous combination."
This smells good enough to eat, a perfect combination of vanilla, marshmallow, a hint of caramel, and pear!
Throw: 3.5

Pink Sugar (type)
"A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam. An Aquolina duplication."
Perfect Pink Sugar scent, sweet and caramely like cotton candy, with a hint of berry.
Throw: 3.5

Pretty In Pink
"Pink Sugar blended with red raspberry, crisp citrus, melons, and white flowers."
On cold sniff it's sugary sweet berry mixed with sweet girly perfume, similar to Pink Sugar. It smells similar to ScentSationals Pretty in Pink. But melted it's completely different, with a deep richness, like a dark earthy raspberry, that keeps it from being too girly. Fantastic fragrance!
Throw: 4

Raisu Cream
"A delicate creamy fragrance."
I don't know what Raisu is, but this smells like rice pudding, a sweet creamy scent with a hint of cinnamon.
Throw: 3.5

Rattlesnake Grass
"Fresh green notes blended with sweet orange flowers."
Sweet, fresh and green with a hint of neroli (orange blossom), like a fresh shampoo or shower gel.
Throw: 3

Red Currant
"Tart, strong and freshly picked red currants."
This smells like old-fashioned rose scented soap, with maybe a hint of berry. It's a nice bedroom or bathroom type scent.
Throw: 4

Satin Sheets
"Clean, fresh, and slightly powdery with a hint of a woody undertone."
Can barely smell anything on cold sniff, maybe baby powder with an herbal or woodsy note?
Throw: 0

"Strong and zesty citrus notes. A wild spin on orange citrus scents."
Satsuma is a small tangerine type mandarin that has a very strong tart citrusy orange scent, with grapefruit notes and a little lemon. It's like orange on steroids, and this scent delivers on both quality and throw.
Throw: 5

Secret Wonderland
"Wild berries blend with white florals, amber and coconut."
Very nice warm almost buttery amber, along with a hint of fruit, and maybe a smidgeon of coconut. I don't smell floral.
Throw: 3.5

Southern Fried Apples
"Juicy red apples rolled in sweet sugar and deep fried to a golden brown."
Smells like sweet apple cider. Scented lasted less than 2 hours.
Throw: 2.5

Spa Retreat
"A refreshing blend of sugar sweetened black currant with lemongrass and a touch of lime with a slightly herbal note."
This smells like old lemon scented industrial cleaner to me. I didn't like this scent.
Throw: 3.5

Spiced Teakwood
"Rich woody teak with warm spices with a touch of amber."
Woodsy scent with cloves.
Throw: 2

Sweet Tobacco Leaf
"A fabulous sweet and moist tobacco scent."
Sweet scent with an odd burnt or off-putting note. It smelled slightly like tobacco to me, but there was something about it that I didn't like.
Throw: 3

Twilight Woods
"Sweet woods with notes of berries and a touch of musk."
Sweet slightly woodsy note on cold sniff, maybe with a hint of amber, but very light scent so I can't tell.
Throw: 1

Victorian Cleaning
"Our own blend of clean cotton linens and lemongrass with a slightly green note."
On cold sniff it's lemongrass and laundry, kind of like a lime scented cleanser but in a good way. When melted, the lemongrass/lime scent overpowers the laundry scent, but the "clean" notes still come through. A little too limey to use as a "clean house" scent.
Throw: 4

Violet Lime
"The aroma of violet blends with crisp, clean lime."
This is not a combination of scents that I would think would work, but it does! Violet with just a hint of lime on cold sniff, although when melted I just smell the violet.
Throw: 4