Sunday, October 4, 2015

Glade Winter Collection 2015 Scented Wax Melts Review

Glade Winter Collection 2015 Scented Wax Melts Review

Glade Winter Collection 2015 Scented Wax Melts Review
Glade Spread Cheer Amber & Bergamot Winter Collection 2015 Scented Wax Melt
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This is a review of the four Glade Winter Collection 2015 wax melts scents: Be At Peace (Balsam Fir & Juniper), Cherish the Present (Apple Cinnamon), Send A Little Love (Vanilla Biscotti), and Share The Spirit (Pomegranate Sparkler).

Sometimes stores bring out the previous year's scents over the holidays, but that's not the case here, as the inside labels say 2015. Of course that doesn't mean that these aren't recycled scents (same scents used last year but with different names this year), which is something Glade often does.

Glade wax melts are hit or miss for me in terms of throw. Sometimes they're good, but often they don't throw well for me. Unfortunately, these did not throw well for me.
  • Be At Peace (Balsam Fir & Juniper)
    Standard Christmas tree scent with good throw, maybe a 3 out of 5. But the scent started to dissipate in under 2 hours.

  • Cherish the Present (Apple Cinnamon)
    Generic apple and cinnamon scent, a bit musty like a fall apple scent. Throw is not great, maybe 2.5 out of 5.

  • Send A Little Love (Vanilla Biscotti)
    Fantastic milky vanilla scent, but very little throw (maybe a 1.5 or 2).

  • Share The Spirit (Pomegranate Sparkler)
    A nice fruity scent, but I can't really pick out the notes. Melted, it's not overly sweet and I think there's a very slight minty note, but throw is poor so it's hard to tell (maybe a 1.5 or 2 out of 5).

  • Share Cheer (Amber & Bergamot)
    I bought this one on October 24, 2015 (3 weeks after I tried the other four), and this one is the best! A nice warm amber scent with a note of something else with perhaps a soapy quality? I guess that's the bergamot although I'm not sure what bergamot actually smells like. And the throw is a 4, excellent!

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