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Chesapeake Bay Candle "Home Scents" Scented Wax Melts Review

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Wax Melts
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Chesapeake Bay Candle "Home Scents" Scented Wax Melts Review

Chesapeake Bay Candle can be found at Target (the "Home Scents" line) and Kohl's, but at double the price of wax from Walmart, they're not very popular. However, their prices have dropped slightly over the last few months, and they changed their packaging to a harder plastic clamshell, which is more similar to other wax brands (a good change, as the old soft plastic packages are hard to open). Six months ago I bought a package of Chesapeake Bay wax pods (long package with 3 round "pods), and the cost was $4.19. Now they're $3.99. I don't remember what the cost of the smaller packs was before, but they are now $3.29. Granted, still much more than ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart for $2.00 for the same size, but if the scents and throw are superb, I don't mind the higher price so much.

My overall opinion is: There are better wax melts out there and for less money. Many of these had weak or no throw, which is sad because the scents themselves are very nice. However, there are a couple with very good throw, so if you want to try these, make sure to keep your receipt.

Bamboo Palm
Palm has a scent all its own, a slightly green "nutty" scent with a soapy note and no sweetness at all. It's not the kind of scent you would want to fill your home with, not because it's bad, it's just kind of "blah". Which is why it's often mixed with something else, like Bamboo. Bamboo is a green scent with floral undertones. But I only smell the palm here, and the scent and throw are weak.

Blueberry Pumpkin
Fantastic scent of blueberries with a rich buttery salty note, but it's not a bakery scent. This smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens Harvest Berry Pumpkin and ScentSationals Pumpkin Berry Twist. Throw is excellent, best throw out of the bunch.

Green, fresh and herbal. I don't smell any of that nasal cleansing menthol scent of eucalyptus on cold sniff, but when melted the menthol note does come out if you sniff it very close (most menthol and eucalyptus scents only have that nasal cleansing effect from very close up). Throw is excellent.

Fall Festival
This is the most authentic clove scent I've ever smelled in a wax. In fact, I sniffed a jar of cloves from my kitchen to compare, and it's pretty close. The wax has some other notes in it though, maybe nutmeg or cinnamon, and even a hint of vanilla. But it's not a pumpkin pie scent. It just smells like the cloves spice mixed together with a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon, and a smidgeon of vanilla for sweetness. Very nice scent, and different from other usual fall scents. Throw is okay.

Autumn Evenings
Very similar to "Fall Festival" with the clove notes. I can't tell them apart. This one may have slightly more sweet vanilla and smokiness? I don't know though, they smell exactly the same to me. Throw is not great, but okay.

Falling Leaves
It's pineapple. A nice mellow realistic pineapple that's not too sweet. The color of the wax is even a light yellow orange. And it's not like the lids got swapped, because the lids are attached to the rest of the clamshell. Sometimes companies reuse scents under a different name, so that may be the case. Excellent throw.

Firewood Fig
On cold sniff this smells like a slightly woodsy fig scent, which I like. But when melted, an odd sour "vinegar" note comes out that makes it smell like old wine or rotted wood. I didn't like this when melted. Throw was not bad.

Jasmine Bouquet
A slightly soapy floral with baby powder notes, and not very sweet. Throw was very weak.

Lakeside Walk
I can't put my finger on this one. Maybe a fresh watery soapy herbal with a hint of floral? It's not sweet, more of a "natural" type scent with a slight "old soap" note. Kind of boring, and no throw at all.

Lavender with a soapy note and no sweetness at all. The lack of sweetness makes it smell authentic, and when melted a slight eucalyptus note comes out. But this is not a relaxing bubble bath kind of lavender. It would probably smell better mixed with baby powder or amber to add some sweetness and depth. Or with lemon to give it a spa quality. Unfortunately barely any throw when melted.

Seasons Greetings
Authentic Christmas tree scent, spruce and dirt. Yes, dirt. I don't think I've ever smelled such a realistic evergreen scent. Throw was mediocre.

Snow Day
A fantastic men's cologne type scent with warm amber, smoke and spruce notes, and even a slight saltiness. It's not sweet or herbal. Throw is just mediocre though, but I'm keeping it because I love the scent so much.

Soft Cotton
Very nice cottony laundry scent without any "harsh" laundry notes. It's sweet but not "girly" sweet, with very slightly floral, perhaps violet. And maybe a smidgeon of baby powder? The violet makes it different from other laundry scents. I really wanted this one to have good throw, but I could barely smell it when melted.

Spring Bouquet
A very realistic spring floral. It's not very sweet; in fact, it has a "green", natural note and smells like a greenhouse. There may be a very slight soapy note. Throw is very good.

Candycane Swirl / Cinnamon Sticks / Winter Pine (Triple Scent)

Candycane Swirl: It just smells like very sweet vanilla. Up close I detect a barely noticeable hint of mint. Throw is good.

Cinnamon Sticks: Sweet cinnamon candy with a barely detectable mintiness. Throw is good.

Winter Pine: Kind of like a cross between Snow Day and Seasons Greetings. Spruce with a very slight cologne note, but not nearly as much as Snow Day. And without the dirt note and not as authentic as Seasons Greetings. Throw is good.

Mandarin Berry / Raspberry Peach / Red Pomegranate (Triple Scent)

Mandarin Berry: Generic mandarin mango type scent. I didn't melt this one.

Raspberry Peach: Rich peaches and cream scent with a very slight raspberry note. Excellent throw.

Red Pomegranate: Nice woodsy scent with a slight berry note, and not very sweet, but not a smoky woodsy scent either. Similar to a classy fig scent. Unfortunately throw was not very good.

Waterfall / Summer Breeze / Canyon Mist (Triple Scent)

Waterfall: Fresh watery slightly laundry scent. After the other two scents from this triple pack did so poorly in terms of throw, I didn't even bother to melt this one.

Summer Breeze: Fresh scent with maybe a slight tropical note. No throw.

Canyon Mist: Generic fresh green scent with a slightly woodsy note. No throw.

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