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Village Candles Simmerblends Wax Melts Review

Village Candles Simmerblends Scented Wax Melts Review

Village Candles Simmerblends Scented Wax Melts
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This is a review of 8 Village Candle "Simmerblends" scented wax melt scents found at

Village Candle changed the packaging for the wax melts from a taller rectangular clamshell to a shorter but thicker clamshell in the shape of a candle jar. The new clamshells look prettier, but they don't seem to close all the way, leaving a small gap where the lid bends onto the rest of the package. It might still be sealed though, which I hope, since the scent can dissipate if exposed to the air for too long (weeks? months?)

Please remember that reviews are subjective. I might love a scent that someone else hates, and vice versa. Throw can be affected by different batches, warmers, and the environment in which they're being melted (see the Definitions page for more information). But in general, if a large percentage of scents from a particular brand have the same scent quality, throw and duration, it's likely that the issue is with the brand itself.

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Scent Name Company Description My Description Throw
(out of 5)
African Safari "Complex blends of sweet Orange, fresh sage, lemon, cinnamon, creamy vanilla, austere and somber cedarwood, smoky frankincense, tonka bean and musk." Fantastic soapy spicy perfume scent on cold sniff. The sweet orange, cinnamon, cedarwood, frankincense and musk notes stand out, as well as a slight baby powder note. I don't smell sage or lemon, and I don't know what austere is. Disappointingly, and surprising due to the strength of the scent on cold sniff, throw is not very good. 2.5
Black Bamboo "Bamboo, lotus flower, and fern with hints of cedar wood and vetiver" Fresh slightly leathery masculine scent with a very slight herbal note. Like men's body wash but not as sweet. This one lasted a long time. 4
Brownie Delight "Butter, brown sugar, dark chocolate and vanilla combine for a delectable and delicious treat." Sweet chocolate and vanilla, a little generic but nice 3
Caramel Kettle Corn "Butter, popcorn, sugary caramel." Smells like salty butter popcorn with a slightly burnt quality. I don't smell any sweetness or caramel. 2.5
Caramelized Pear "Perfectly blended, succulent, delectable juicy pear, sweet caramel and brown sugar." Caramel and pear on cold sniff, with a slight chemical note. 0
Cherry Blossom "Sweet Powder, Fresh-picked Cherries and Cherry Blossom petals" Same as company description. 0
Eternal "Vanilla bean, Spanish sage, black patchouli, golden Sandalwood, herbal watery essence" I can't figure out the notes, maybe slightly herbal and I swear I detect a slight citrus note even though that's not in the description. Patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood, okay maybe, But no sage. It's a complex scent but kind of boring, and very light on cold sniff. 2
Maple Butter "Maine maple and vanilla butter with notes of honey and brown sugar" Very light on cold sniff, with a salty maple note. Melted, it smells like pancakes with just a small amount of maple syrup. 3

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