Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Classy Scents - Reviews of Classy Scented Wax for a Posh Dinner Party

Classy Scents
Classy Scents

These are scents that you might smell in an upscale furniture store or at an posh dinner party at a swanky penthouse. Although these scents could be used anywhere, it just wouldn't be right to put them in the laundry room next to the cat litter box!

Following is a slideshow of the wax scents mentioned in the table below.

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Scent Name Scent Description
Boulevard "Gilded Amber" Label says "Sicilian Bergamot and Persian Lime are laced with fruity Rainier Cherry and White nectarine". This smells like high class perfume or potpourri (but not overly sweet). I don't smell any lemon or lime, although I do detect traces of peach or nectarine. And cherry, not sure about that, I don't think so. I think I do detect a bit of amber, vanilla, and maybe sandalwood, and possibly baby powder but if so it's very subtle. It's a rich upscale fragrance you might smell in the women's clothing section of an expensive department store.
ScentSationals "Tropical Fig" Slightly fruity with woodsy notes and a hint of creaminess
ScentSationals Fusion "Blackberry Merlot" Creamy blackberry or blueberry with a bakery note, and a milkiness to mute the berry a bit.
ScentSationals Fusion "Red Currant" Red berry with a creamy milkiness to keep the berry scent subdued.
ScentSationals "Blackberry Cider" This is a deep rich scent, similar to the new ScentSationals Ebony Woods, but with just a hint of sweet blackberry, and perhaps a touch of amber? This is a mature, adult blackberry, not sweet or fruity.
ScentSationals "Tea Thyme" A subdued soothing sandalwood with a slight tea note, and a smidgeon of lemon. It's not very sweet. Perfect in the background while doing brunch at the club house.
ScentSationals "Turkish Spice Market" Smells like an old-fashioned spice shop off the beaten path. It's not really spicy, and it's tempered with sandalwood to keep it subtle. This could be melting during an understated yet elegant dinner in a country mansion.
Better Homes & Gardens "Calming Ocean Tides" Sweet and fresh with a certain spice (not cinnamon or fall spices) or perhaps a touch of fruit and even coconut. But this isn't a fresh air or tropical scent. There's a note I can't put my finger on that keeps it very classy.
DD "Golden Sunset" Label says "Warm breeze, valencia oranges & fresh water". The orange notes are very subdued, although I do detect a slight citrus. I may also smell peach and amber, but I'm not sure. And there's definitely a fresh air or sweet watery quality. This is like an outdoor party on the greens of a modern mansion with an open floor plan, a sunny veranda, and flowing lines.
Better Homes & Gardens "Red Wood Pomegranate" What the name says, pomegranate and wood, just the right combination. The fruitiness is tempered by the wood, but the wood is subtle itself, and there's a hint of smokiness.
Sonoma Homegrown "White Pear Verbena" A subtle realistic pear with a touch of lemony verbena. Classy and mellow, this one could be melting in the background while the ladies are having tea.
Scentsationals "Vanilla Woods" Label says "A blend of oak leaves and vanilla" (new package says "Dark notes of oak infused with vanilla"). The label is spot on. This is a combination of vanilla and wood, almost like a sweet sandalwood. I can imagine smelling this when I walk into a very expensive upscale furniture store. There are plenty of other sweet woodsy scents very similar to Vanilla Woods that also have that classy appeal. I'll be doing a review of woodsy scents over the next few weeks.
Nicole's Home Accents "By Any Other Name" A deep dark earthy mysterious rose with a very slight mossy note. This could be melting during a dinner party hosted in a very old mansion by an eccentric millionaire who may or may not be a vampire.

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