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Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts - ALL 48 SCENTS

Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts - ALL 48 SCENTS

Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts - All 48 Scents
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This is a comprehensive review of the new Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts, including a list of ALL 48 SCENTS, as well as a first look at the special wax melts warmer. The Aromabeads Singles have just started appearing at some Rite Aid and Meijer's stores, and will be showing up at more stores within the next few months. Please "like" the Aromabeads Singles Facebook page, so you'll see information and news as it gets posted (https://www.facebook.com/aromabeadsingles). Most of these scents are not yet available to the public; the manufacturer, Hanna's Candles, sent these to me to test and report back with my findings.

You can see an image of the scent notes for each scent, below after the reviews.

A few weeks ago I found 8 scents at my local Rite Aid, and I did a review of those at http://www.scentedwaxreviews.com/2015/08/aromabeads-singles-wax-melts-review.html.

UPDATE: As of late 2016, the Aromabeads Singles are available on Hanna's Candles updated Candlemart website, at https://candlemart.com/collections/aromabeads-singles-by-hannas-candle-company. They are $1.49, and you can read the scent notes on each scent's page.

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This video shows all of the scents available, as well as the new warmer (you don't need to use the Aromabeads warmer; instead, just pour at least a half a package into any regular scented wax warmer).

A description and review of each scent is shown in the table below. And a link to two vendors who sell polypro bags (to store unused wax) is below the table.

In this table, scent quality and throw are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best (very few wax melts are a 5; they are what I call "scent monsters" because they take over the entire house and you can even smell them outside with the windows open). Keep in mind that these scores are subjective. A scent that I love, someone else may hate. Or one that has no throw for me might have terrific throw for someone else. So instead of relying on my scores in determining which scents you should buy when they become available, just buy them. They're only $1.00 each!
You should view this table in landscape mode if you're reading it on a phone:

Scent Name Color Cold Sniff Melted Scent
Apple Melon lime Sweet sugary watermelon with a hint of apple. More watermelony than Watermelon Sorbet. Same as cold sniff 3.5 2.5
Black Sands charcoal black Woodsy? Floral? Cologne? I can't describe this one, but it's really good! May be a combination of Sandy Beach and a woodsy cologne? Same as cold sniff. Has a bit of an "old-fashioned" classy cologne vibe. 4 1
Blue Sapphire blue Clean amber scent with a hint of smoke Smoky amber cologne. Someone else said they smell a hint of fruit, but I don't detect that. 3.5 2
Blush Strawberry light pink Strawberry with a hint of vanilla and floral I think Strawberry scented lipstick. Actually smells a bit like Pink Sugar without the intense cotton candy sweetness. 4 4
Caramel Apple Toffee orangey tan Rich caramel with apple. Sweet and more caramely than Grandma's Apple Basket. Super sweet, rich and caramely with a hint of apple. My favorite! 5 4
Carmine Rose pink Old-fashioned tea rose A true realistic tea rose scent 4 3.5
Cashmere Musk light orange Rich amber Rich warm amber, similar to ScentSationals Glimmering Pearl or Better Homes & Gardens Soft Cashmere Amber 5 3.5
Cashmere Sweater white Laundry and amber, with perhaps a hint of pear and banana? Slight laundry note, but I still smell a fake pear or banana as well, and maybe a hint of vanilla. This is a hard one to figure out. 3 4
Cedar Box golden tan A sweet woodsy scent, similar to ScentSationals "Vanilla Woods" Smells exactly like ScentSationals "Pure White Woods", a sweet wood scent, but not as sweet as Vanilla Woods. 4 3
Cider House rust Smells like apple cider. A little generic. Same as cold sniff, but less generic. Scent monster, took over the whole house! 4 5
Coral Honeysuckle bright orange Strong honeysuckle scent with something else, maybe a berry or slight tropical note Fresh clean honeysuckle 4 4
Cranberry Mandarin watermelon pink I smell the orange of the mandarin, with a slight berry note from the cranberry. Smells slightly tropical to me. Same as cold sniff, with more orange and less berry 3.5 4
Ember Glow light brown Smoky woods with a smidgeon of balsam This is wood, plain and simple. It's a nice pungent natural wood smell without any sweetness, like pencil shavings or a log being split outside. This would be good mixed with any scent to which you want to add a woodsy note. 3.5 4.5
Eucalyptus Mint pale grey green A nice combination of eucalyptus and mint Smells like bathroom cleaner, but not in a bad way. It's minty but has a very fresh clean scent that smells like I've been cleaning the house. I'm not a fan of minty scents, but I like this one because it's not a peppermint or a spearmint, and it's combined with a clean scent (the eucalyptus I presume). 3.5 4
Grandma's Apple Basket yellowish green Fresh authentic apple with a hint of caramel and maybe a touch of pears Same as cold sniff 5 4
Hidden Oak Cottage plum This smells very similar to Luxurious Velvet Woods to me. Still can't distinguish from Luxurious Velvet Woods. Maybe more smoky? 3.5 2
Holiday white Cinnamon Cinnamon and a little sugar, like candy or Big Red chewing gum. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon, but this has enough sweetness to keep it from being too overpowering. 3 3
Iced Cinnamon Buns dark red Sweet cinnamon with a hint of bakery. Very similar to Oatmeal Cookie Crunch but sweeter, more cinnamon, and not as much bakery. Sweet cinnamon and brown sugar with a hint of rich buttery bakery. I'm not a cinnamon fan, but I love this one. 5 2
Jasmine Breeze white Very light clean jasmine scent. I'm not getting much scent on cold sniff. Floral scented light laundry scent. Not specifically jasmine. But I detect a note of something else, maybe a very subtle fruitiness? Too light to tell. 3 1
Juicy Apple Pomegrante pinkish red Strong fresh sweet apple with a hint of berry Same as cold sniff 5 1
Lavender and Thyme lavender Perfect combination of lavender and thyme, with maybe a hint of eucalyptus Realistic lavender, not overly sweet like some fake lavender scents. I don't smell thyme or eucalyptus when melted. 4 3.5
Linen Basket smoky white Light clean soapy floral, maybe laundry, can't pick out the notes Same as cold sniff 3 0
Luxurious Velvet Woods Dark taupe Sweet "classy" smoky woodsy scent Same as cold sniff, but with a hint of cologne 4 3
Mango Papaya Sorbet coral Smells like a nice combination of watermelon and a citrus note, maybe lemon. It's not overly sweet, and doesn't smell very tropical. Melted, it's a nice tropical scent, but it has an odd latex paint smell in the room! 2.5 4
Night Orchid dark blue Masculine floral of some kind? Can't figure out the notes. Floral cologne with a hint of smoke? Very weak scent n/a 0
Oatmeal Cookie Crunch tan Smells just like an oatmeal cookie, with a little bit of fall spice, and even raisins! Same as cold sniff 5 4
Peony & Rose Bouquet bright pink Perfect combination of rose and peony Bright crisp rose and peony mix. A little harsh (burned?) 3 3
Pumpkin Butter pale orange Rich buttery slightly salty sweet cinnamon vanilla Same as cold sniff 4 4
Red Sandalwood light red Milky herbal wood Sweet wood with herbal, cologne and amber notes, I think. 3.5 2
Sandy Beach Bone Smells just like Coppertone suntan oil! Suntan oil with a hint of salty water and a slight perfume note. Very nice! 5 3.5
Ski Resort bluish white Very minty eucalyptus balsam pine Mostly mint, with a hint of sweet balsam. I'm not a fan of mint. 2 3
Smoked Vanilla pale grey Sweet vanilla with cinnamon. Similar to Oatmeal Cookie Crunch, but sweeter, and no bakery or raisins. Same as cold sniff, but with a hint of smokiness 4 4
Soft Lilac Petals lilac Sweet fresh generic lilac but in a good way Same as cold sniff 5 4
South Seas teal Fresh salty water Same as cold sniff 3 3
Sparkling Citrus Zest pale yellow Generic citrus (orange and grapefruit notes with a hint of lemon) Same as cold sniff 4 5
Spiced Peach reddish orange Peach. I'm not a fan of peach scents as they always smell fake, but this one is realistic! A nice milky, creamy peach. I don't detect any spice. Not fake, harsh, or overly sweet. This one should be called "Peaches & Cream"! 4 3.5
Sweet Dreams purple I smell bananas with a hint of berry and maybe a smidgeon of caramel or amber Same as cold sniff, plus maybe a light floral? 4 3
Sweet Strawberry Preserves wine Sweet strawberry jam or ice cream Same as cold sniff 5 4
Vanilla Frosted Cupcake cream Plain generic vanilla Same as cold sniff 3 0
Warm Apple Pie cranberry red Generic apple cinnamon Very generic slightly waxy apple 1 3
Warm Butter Cookie ivory Rich buttery cookie, similar to Oatmeal Cookie Crunch but without spice or raisins. Same as cold sniff. Not very sweet, more like pound cake. 4 3.5
Warm Kitchen Spice light brown Fresh clean vanilla cinnamon. No bakery or butter. Generic fall spice scent 2.5 1
Warm Rustic Woods orangey tan Slightly woodsy, maybe ambery, can't pick out the notes. Woodsy ambery perfume or cologne with a slightly smoky note. Interestingly, this is a dupe for Better Homes & Gardens Warm Rustic Woods, which is made by ScentSationals, not Hanna's! 5 3
Watermelon Sorbet reddish pink Sweet sugary watermelon, fresh and clean and not too heavy on the melon. Really smells like sorbet! Same as cold sniff 3.5 4
Wild Berry Cobbler plumSweet blueberry with buttery bakery Same as cold sniff 4 3
Wild Cherry red Like cherry soda without the fizziness I'm not a fan of cherry scents, but on cold sniff this had more of a berry note rather than a harsh "black cherry" type scent. But when melted it smelled like cherry scented cough syrup, not medicinal but just a fake cherry syrup smell. 2.5 2.5
Wild Cherry Blossom light pink Clean soapy scent with a light floral and maybe a smidgeon of berry All I smell when melted is soap that's a little old and no longer fresh 2.5 3.5
Woodland Pine dark green Nice pine needle scent Smoky pine, like a Christmas tree 4 4.5

Sealed polypro bags can be purchased through Wilma Handmade ($5.50 for 100) and Tiffany Candles ($3.20 for 50). 5x5 is a good size for holding opened Aromabeads Singles packages, as well as for holding regular sized clamshells (if they're broken, so the scent doesn't dissipate).

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