Monday, September 28, 2015

AmbiEscents Scented Wax Reviews - September 2015 New Scents

AmbiEscents Scented Wax Review - September 2015 New Scents

This is a review of AmbiEscents scented wax by ScentSationals, NEW September 2015 Scents from Bed Bath & Beyond. Fall scents are not included in this review (I'm all burned out on fall scents!)

AmbiEscents Scented Wax - September 2015 New Scents
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Vanilla Buttercream
Super sweet yummy white vanilla buttercream frosting. This one makes my teeth hurt, it's so sweet! Excellent throw, and lasted an entire day. This is great on its own, but would probably work really well mixed with fruity or citrus scents, or even baby powder or amber.

Yogurt Parfait
A rich milky slightly tangy scent, similar to creme fraiche, with a slight raspberry note. This smells fantastic! When melted, I can't smell the raspberry or tangy notes, and it smells more like vanilla buttercream. Very good throw.

Smokey Mountain Mist
I expected this to have an herbal, smoky, woodsy, or pine type scent based on the name. But on cold sniff it's a sweet clean watery scent with a hint of sour lemon. Same when melted, but lemon note becomes more of a clean kitchen lemon, although not nearly as lemony as ScentSationals "Kitchen Sunshine" scent. It's a very nice clean happy scent with very good throw, and it smells like a fresh day with the windows open.

Pink Freesia
Very nice light floral with baby powder and lemon, but not overly sweet. Unfortunately, throw is not so good.

Pink Grapefruit
On cold sniff, smells more like sweet pink lemonade but not a very tart lemon, maybe a slight clean kitchen lemon note. Melted, it's fantastic. It smells like a sweet rich slightly smoky lemon, but not a bakery, kitchen or alcoholic beverage lemon. It almost has a slight balsam or spruce note. Excellent throw.

Brazilian Teakwood
This smells like cedar but not quite as sweet, and a slight sandalwood note. Very nice wood scent without any smokiness. Throw is not great, which is often the case with sandalwood scents in general.

Hazelnut Macchiato
This smells like rich coffee buttercream. It's very buttery, but not a bakery scent, and I don't detect any hazelnut notes. I believe this is the same scent as ScentSationals Iced Coffee. Throw is fantastic.

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