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Crossroads Candles Scented Wax Melts Review

Crossroads Candles Scented Wax Melts Review

Crossroads Candles Scented Wax Melts
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This is a review of Crossroads Candles (Crossroads Original Designs) scented wax melts ("Fragrance Comforts"). I really had high hopes for their wax melts, but in general, with a few exceptions, throw was poor or non-existent. Scent name is listed, then the company's scent description, then my review.

Sandalwood & Amber
"A blend of amber, sandalwood, vanilla and citrus"
This smells like baby powder with an amber note. I don't smell sandalwood. It's a nice scent, but no throw.

Sweet Pea & Vanilla
"A fragrant blend of sweet pea flower and vanilla"
Nice combination of floral and vanilla. No throw.

Country Breakfast
"Buttered Maple Syrup, Hot Apple Pie, Banana Nut Bread and Vanilla Hazelnut"
Sweet bread scent with a slight maple cinnamon note. Throw is mediocre.

Cotton Candy
"Spun sugar, marshmallow and lemon drop"
Smells just like cotton candy, that syrupy marshmallow sweetness. I can barely smell it on cold sniff. Melted, I can detect it slightly from a few feet away, so throw is not good.

Earthly Essence
"A spice (vanilla), a flower (jasmine) and a fruit (strawberry)"
Very light on cold sniff. I detect a faint strawberry and vanilla note, and no floral. No throw.

Raspberry Creamsicle
"Vine-ripened raspberry, vanilla, cream and sugar"
Hint of raspberry chemical on cold sniff, so I didn't have high hopes for the throw. And I wasn't disappointed... barely any throw.

Sage & Citrus
"Sage, eucalyptus. cedar and lemon peel"
A sweet bright herbal scent with an industrial lime-y note on cold sniff. Very nice clean scent, and throw is pretty good. This is a scent I got with a previous order (which is what prompted me to order from them again).

"Melted chocolate, toasted marshmallow and graham crackers"
On cold sniff, this is a nice nutty chocolate. I don't smell marshmallow or graham crackers. This one threw fairly well, but fizzled within an hour.

Kettle Corn
"Fresh popped corn, butter and caramel"
Typical buttery popcorn with that burnt quality, and no caramel. This smells like every other kettle corn and popcorn scent out there, but it's still nice. Pretty good throw.

Grandma's Kitchen
"Almond, vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of cocoa"
Almond stands out on cold sniff, and I also smell the vanilla and  slight cinnamon note. Not sure if I smell cocoa. No throw.

"Buttered Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Spice and Orange Clove"
Cinnamon bread on cold sniff. Very weak throw. This is a scent I got with a previous order.

Banana Nut Bread
"Bananas, walnuts, nutmeg and cinnamon"
Banana note with cinnamon, and slight bitterness (walnuts?) on cold sniff. I didn't like this scent. No throw either. This is a scent I got with a previous order.

Maple Syrup Pancakes
Light on cold sniff. Slightly maple pancake scent. I didn't bother to melt it due to poor throw for most of these scents.

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AmbiEscents Scented Wax Reviews - September 2015 New Scents

AmbiEscents Scented Wax Review - September 2015 New Scents

This is a review of AmbiEscents scented wax by ScentSationals, NEW September 2015 Scents from Bed Bath & Beyond. Fall scents are not included in this review (I'm all burned out on fall scents!)

AmbiEscents Scented Wax - September 2015 New Scents
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Vanilla Buttercream
Super sweet yummy white vanilla buttercream frosting. This one makes my teeth hurt, it's so sweet! Excellent throw, and lasted an entire day. This is great on its own, but would probably work really well mixed with fruity or citrus scents, or even baby powder or amber.

Yogurt Parfait
A rich milky slightly tangy scent, similar to creme fraiche, with a slight raspberry note. This smells fantastic! When melted, I can't smell the raspberry or tangy notes, and it smells more like vanilla buttercream. Very good throw.

Smokey Mountain Mist
I expected this to have an herbal, smoky, woodsy, or pine type scent based on the name. But on cold sniff it's a sweet clean watery scent with a hint of sour lemon. Same when melted, but lemon note becomes more of a clean kitchen lemon, although not nearly as lemony as ScentSationals "Kitchen Sunshine" scent. It's a very nice clean happy scent with very good throw, and it smells like a fresh day with the windows open.

Pink Freesia
Very nice light floral with baby powder and lemon, but not overly sweet. Unfortunately, throw is not so good.

Pink Grapefruit
On cold sniff, smells more like sweet pink lemonade but not a very tart lemon, maybe a slight clean kitchen lemon note. Melted, it's fantastic. It smells like a sweet rich slightly smoky lemon, but not a bakery, kitchen or alcoholic beverage lemon. It almost has a slight balsam or spruce note. Excellent throw.

Brazilian Teakwood
This smells like cedar but not quite as sweet, and a slight sandalwood note. Very nice wood scent without any smokiness. Throw is not great, which is often the case with sandalwood scents in general.

Hazelnut Macchiato
This smells like rich coffee buttercream. It's very buttery, but not a bakery scent, and I don't detect any hazelnut notes. I believe this is the same scent as ScentSationals Iced Coffee. Throw is fantastic.

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Village Candles Simmerblends Wax Melts Review

Village Candles Simmerblends Scented Wax Melts Review

Village Candles Simmerblends Scented Wax Melts
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This is a review of 8 Village Candle "Simmerblends" scented wax melt scents found at

Village Candle changed the packaging for the wax melts from a taller rectangular clamshell to a shorter but thicker clamshell in the shape of a candle jar. The new clamshells look prettier, but they don't seem to close all the way, leaving a small gap where the lid bends onto the rest of the package. It might still be sealed though, which I hope, since the scent can dissipate if exposed to the air for too long (weeks? months?)

Please remember that reviews are subjective. I might love a scent that someone else hates, and vice versa. Throw can be affected by different batches, warmers, and the environment in which they're being melted (see the Definitions page for more information). But in general, if a large percentage of scents from a particular brand have the same scent quality, throw and duration, it's likely that the issue is with the brand itself.

You should view this table in landscape mode if you're reading it on a phone:
Scent Name Company Description My Description Throw
(out of 5)
African Safari "Complex blends of sweet Orange, fresh sage, lemon, cinnamon, creamy vanilla, austere and somber cedarwood, smoky frankincense, tonka bean and musk." Fantastic soapy spicy perfume scent on cold sniff. The sweet orange, cinnamon, cedarwood, frankincense and musk notes stand out, as well as a slight baby powder note. I don't smell sage or lemon, and I don't know what austere is. Disappointingly, and surprising due to the strength of the scent on cold sniff, throw is not very good. 2.5
Black Bamboo "Bamboo, lotus flower, and fern with hints of cedar wood and vetiver" Fresh slightly leathery masculine scent with a very slight herbal note. Like men's body wash but not as sweet. This one lasted a long time. 4
Brownie Delight "Butter, brown sugar, dark chocolate and vanilla combine for a delectable and delicious treat." Sweet chocolate and vanilla, a little generic but nice 3
Caramel Kettle Corn "Butter, popcorn, sugary caramel." Smells like salty butter popcorn with a slightly burnt quality. I don't smell any sweetness or caramel. 2.5
Caramelized Pear "Perfectly blended, succulent, delectable juicy pear, sweet caramel and brown sugar." Caramel and pear on cold sniff, with a slight chemical note. 0
Cherry Blossom "Sweet Powder, Fresh-picked Cherries and Cherry Blossom petals" Same as company description. 0
Eternal "Vanilla bean, Spanish sage, black patchouli, golden Sandalwood, herbal watery essence" I can't figure out the notes, maybe slightly herbal and I swear I detect a slight citrus note even though that's not in the description. Patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood, okay maybe, But no sage. It's a complex scent but kind of boring, and very light on cold sniff. 2
Maple Butter "Maine maple and vanilla butter with notes of honey and brown sugar" Very light on cold sniff, with a salty maple note. Melted, it smells like pancakes with just a small amount of maple syrup. 3

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Hudson 43 (Jo-Ann Fabric) Scented Wax Review

Hudson 43 (Jo-Ann Fabric) Scented Wax Review

All 45 scents on shelf - Click image to view larger
Reviewed Scents - Click image to view larger

This is a review of the new Hudson 43 Wax Melts made exclusively for Jo-Ann Fabric by Tuscany Candle. There are 45 scents available, many of which are existing Tuscany scents, as well as some new scents. These were priced at $3.99 on the shelves, but I was surprised to find that they were discounted to $2.51 each (which is closer to what the regular price should be anyway).

I bought 10 Hudson 43 scents. And I found that Hudson 43 seems to suffer from the same issues as Tuscany melts... poor throw for a lot of scents, and short duration (scents fizzle after about 2 hours). Of course there are exceptions, as some of the scents had excellent throw and lasted longer.

Please remember that reviews are subjective. I might love a scent that someone else hates, and vice versa. Throw can be affected by different batches, warmers, and the environment in which they're being melted (see the Definitions page for more information). But in general, if a large percentage of scents from a particular brand have the same scent quality, throw and duration, it's likely that the issue is with the brand itself.

You should view this table in landscape mode if you're reading it on a phone:
Scent Name Scent Description
Cashmere Amber type scent with a very slight coconut note I think. Very light on cold sniff, and no throw at all when melted.
Driftwood and Sand Smells like Coppertone Suntan Oil, and throw is excellent.
Fireside This smells like hickory (mesquite?) smoke, that intense salty aromatic woodsy smoke scent. Very nice, throw is fantastic, and this one lasted around 4 hours (longer than other Hudson 43 scents).
Pink Champagne This doesn't smell at all like champagne. There's not even any fizziness. It does smell like a combination of grapefruit and satsuma (a tangy tart slightly sour lemony orange). It's a bit "too" tart, and might smell better if mixed with something sweet like vanilla, strawberry, or sweet lemon. Great throw, and this one lasted longer than other Hudson 43 scents (about 4 hours)
Pink Poppy Smells like Jasmine, but with a slight salty note that keeps it from being too sweet. Throw is mediocre.
Rain Very sweet fruit with a tropical note, almost like candy, but also fresh with a very slight floral note. Very sweet, but not a girly scent like Pink Sugar. Excellent throw.
Red Currant & Fig Classy fig mixed with a bright sweet strawberry jam type scent, a fantastic scent. Unfortunately, no throw when melted.
Sandalwood Nice milky wood scent, typical of most Sandalwood scented wax. Throw is "ok", but sandalwood in general is typically not a very strong scent.
Spa Day This smells like salt, with very slight smoky and spruce notes. No throw when melted.
True Romance I smell rich vanilla, warm amber, baby powder, and a hint of floral. Very nice combination of rich fragrances, and throw is excellent.

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Tuscany Candle 2015 Fall Scented Wax Melts Review

Tuscany Candle 2015 Fall Scented Wax Melts Limited Edition Review

Tuscany Candle 2015 Limited Edition Fall Scented Wax Melts
Click image to few larger photo

This is a review of the Tuscany Candle New 2015 Limited Edition Fall Scented Wax Melts. I believe there are a total of 14 scents available. As is often the case with Tuscany, the scents did not last very long when melted, maybe two hours tops. Which is good only if you like swapping out different scents throughout the day. The caramely spicy scents lasted a little longer, maybe 3 or 4 hours. And in general, throw was mediocre with a few exceptions, which I find is often the case with Tuscany.

You should view this table in landscape mode if you're reading it on a phone:
Scent Name Scent Description
Alpine Cabin Very hard to describe, maybe soapy baby powder with a hint of wood and possibly a smidgeon of barely noticeable pine. It's neither a masculine nor feminine scent, and it doesn't smell anything like the Alpines or a log cabin. It's nice though, but throw isn't very good.
Apples & Oak Leaves I like scents that are a little "different" from standard run-of-the-mill scents, and this one definitely is. It's a musty earthy slightly woodsy scent that smells a little like dirt, combined with really old brown leaves on the ground and a couple of apples. But in a good way! Kind of like Autumn Citrus & Cinnamon below, but after the leaves and apples have been sitting on the ground for a few extra weeks. Throw is mediocre.
Autumn Citrus & Cinnamon Slightly woodsy apple with a smidgeon of spice (cinnamon and clove I think). It's not a very sweet apple, almost like an overripe older apple towards the end of the fall season. I think I also detect a tiny bit of orange perhaps? Nice scent with good throw.
Brandied Cherries Sweet maraschino cherries with a hint of something rich like vanilla or sweet cream. Unfortunately throw was very light.
Cranberry Chutney This really smells like cranberry sauce! Sweet, tart and strong, with great throw.
Fall Festival Just another standard cinnamony fall scent. Nothing really stands out. Mediocre throw.
Ginger Spiced Biscotti A hint of ginger and a spice cake note, but no throw. And there's a burnt chemical note up close when melting.
Glazed Pear Fresh sweet pear. A little "fake" but still good. Very good throw.
Marshmallow Graham This one smells amazing! I can smell the salty sweetness of the graham cracker and the richness of the marshmallow. Excellent throw, but scent faded in less than 2 hours.
Oh My, Pumpkin Pie I smelled this one in the store but didn't buy it. It smelled like a standard pumpkin pie fragrance, but not as good as other brands I have.
Pecan Pie Nutty caramely bakery scent. Good throw.
Pumpkin Brittle Rich salty sweet caramel with a barely noticeable fall spice note. Great throw.
Rosemary & Thyme I could not find this one, but I've heard it has a savory sage "Thanksgiving stuffing" note rather than lemony thyme.
Sugared Walnuts On cold sniff this has an unappealing bitter note. Melted, that weird bitterness filled the room and resulted in a combination of a rich burnt sugar... and spoiled food or stinky feet. I get that they were going for that slight bitterness of the walnut, but it didn't work. This was awful.

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Aldi (Huntington Home)
Scented Wax Review:
Fall Scents

Aldi Wax (Huntington Home Scented Wax) - Fall Scents
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Aldi brought out 4 fall scents a few days ago, at an unbeatable price of $1.69. The brand is "Huntington Home", and this brand is made by another wax brand exclusively for Aldi. The company that makes Huntington Home is one of the largest scented wax companies, and their wax is top quality with great scents and throw (I can't provide the company due to the agreement between Aldi and the company).

The labels say "soy blend", which is unusual as the company that makes them uses paraffin, so they may be starting to get into soy. Even so, these look and act like paraffin (hard wax, not greasy), so the soy content must be small. Which is good, as soy tends to not throw as well as paraffin.

This is a typical clamshell size of 2.5 oz. Each clamshell has 3 rows of wax in it, but if you turn the package over you'll see that each row is scored into 4-block sections of 0.2 oz. each. So if you normally use one block of wax from a regular 6-block clamshell, you'll use TWO blocks from the Aldi wax. They're scored this way so you can mix and match scents; you can put one 0.2 block from one scent into the warmer with another 0.2 block from another scent.

Here are the 4 available scents:
  • Candied Apple
    This smells like fresh, authentic apple coated in sweet candy (not caramel), just like the name suggests! Throw is fantastic.
  • Falling Leaves
    Woodsy apple on cold sniff, but when melted it smells like apple cider and old apples on the ground mixed with brown leaves (in a good way). It's very similar to Sonoma Falling Leaves, but with a slightly more woodsy note. Throw is fantastic.
  • Frosted Pumpkin Roll
    On cold sniff, this just smells like yet another cinnamon fall scent. But when melted, it's a deliciously rich cinnamon sugar with a hint of bakery. Throw is fantastic.
  • Sweet Vanilla Bean
    This one is a subtle vanilla with a distinct chemical note on cold sniff. When melted the chemical note disappears, and it smells more like a vanilla cupcake than straight vanilla. But the throw was very weak for me, as is sometimes the case with vanilla scents.
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Classy Scents - Reviews of Classy Scented Wax for a Posh Dinner Party

Classy Scents
Classy Scents

These are scents that you might smell in an upscale furniture store or at an posh dinner party at a swanky penthouse. Although these scents could be used anywhere, it just wouldn't be right to put them in the laundry room next to the cat litter box!

Following is a slideshow of the wax scents mentioned in the table below.

You should view this table in landscape mode if you're reading it on a phone:
Scent Name Scent Description
Boulevard "Gilded Amber" Label says "Sicilian Bergamot and Persian Lime are laced with fruity Rainier Cherry and White nectarine". This smells like high class perfume or potpourri (but not overly sweet). I don't smell any lemon or lime, although I do detect traces of peach or nectarine. And cherry, not sure about that, I don't think so. I think I do detect a bit of amber, vanilla, and maybe sandalwood, and possibly baby powder but if so it's very subtle. It's a rich upscale fragrance you might smell in the women's clothing section of an expensive department store.
ScentSationals "Tropical Fig" Slightly fruity with woodsy notes and a hint of creaminess
ScentSationals Fusion "Blackberry Merlot" Creamy blackberry or blueberry with a bakery note, and a milkiness to mute the berry a bit.
ScentSationals Fusion "Red Currant" Red berry with a creamy milkiness to keep the berry scent subdued.
ScentSationals "Blackberry Cider" This is a deep rich scent, similar to the new ScentSationals Ebony Woods, but with just a hint of sweet blackberry, and perhaps a touch of amber? This is a mature, adult blackberry, not sweet or fruity.
ScentSationals "Tea Thyme" A subdued soothing sandalwood with a slight tea note, and a smidgeon of lemon. It's not very sweet. Perfect in the background while doing brunch at the club house.
ScentSationals "Turkish Spice Market" Smells like an old-fashioned spice shop off the beaten path. It's not really spicy, and it's tempered with sandalwood to keep it subtle. This could be melting during an understated yet elegant dinner in a country mansion.
Better Homes & Gardens "Calming Ocean Tides" Sweet and fresh with a certain spice (not cinnamon or fall spices) or perhaps a touch of fruit and even coconut. But this isn't a fresh air or tropical scent. There's a note I can't put my finger on that keeps it very classy.
DD "Golden Sunset" Label says "Warm breeze, valencia oranges & fresh water". The orange notes are very subdued, although I do detect a slight citrus. I may also smell peach and amber, but I'm not sure. And there's definitely a fresh air or sweet watery quality. This is like an outdoor party on the greens of a modern mansion with an open floor plan, a sunny veranda, and flowing lines.
Better Homes & Gardens "Red Wood Pomegranate" What the name says, pomegranate and wood, just the right combination. The fruitiness is tempered by the wood, but the wood is subtle itself, and there's a hint of smokiness.
Sonoma Homegrown "White Pear Verbena" A subtle realistic pear with a touch of lemony verbena. Classy and mellow, this one could be melting in the background while the ladies are having tea.
Scentsationals "Vanilla Woods" Label says "A blend of oak leaves and vanilla" (new package says "Dark notes of oak infused with vanilla"). The label is spot on. This is a combination of vanilla and wood, almost like a sweet sandalwood. I can imagine smelling this when I walk into a very expensive upscale furniture store. There are plenty of other sweet woodsy scents very similar to Vanilla Woods that also have that classy appeal. I'll be doing a review of woodsy scents over the next few weeks.
Nicole's Home Accents "By Any Other Name" A deep dark earthy mysterious rose with a very slight mossy note. This could be melting during a dinner party hosted in a very old mansion by an eccentric millionaire who may or may not be a vampire.

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Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts - ALL 48 SCENTS

Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts - ALL 48 SCENTS

Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts - All 48 Scents
Click on photo above to view larger image
This is a comprehensive review of the new Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts, including a list of ALL 48 SCENTS, as well as a first look at the special wax melts warmer. The Aromabeads Singles have just started appearing at some Rite Aid and Meijer's stores, and will be showing up at more stores within the next few months. Please "like" the Aromabeads Singles Facebook page, so you'll see information and news as it gets posted ( Most of these scents are not yet available to the public; the manufacturer, Hanna's Candles, sent these to me to test and report back with my findings.

You can see an image of the scent notes for each scent, below after the reviews.

A few weeks ago I found 8 scents at my local Rite Aid, and I did a review of those at

UPDATE: As of late 2016, the Aromabeads Singles are available on Hanna's Candles updated Candlemart website, at They are $1.49, and you can read the scent notes on each scent's page.

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This video shows all of the scents available, as well as the new warmer (you don't need to use the Aromabeads warmer; instead, just pour at least a half a package into any regular scented wax warmer).

A description and review of each scent is shown in the table below. And a link to two vendors who sell polypro bags (to store unused wax) is below the table.

In this table, scent quality and throw are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best (very few wax melts are a 5; they are what I call "scent monsters" because they take over the entire house and you can even smell them outside with the windows open). Keep in mind that these scores are subjective. A scent that I love, someone else may hate. Or one that has no throw for me might have terrific throw for someone else. So instead of relying on my scores in determining which scents you should buy when they become available, just buy them. They're only $1.00 each!
You should view this table in landscape mode if you're reading it on a phone:

Scent Name Color Cold Sniff Melted Scent
Apple Melon lime Sweet sugary watermelon with a hint of apple. More watermelony than Watermelon Sorbet. Same as cold sniff 3.5 2.5
Black Sands charcoal black Woodsy? Floral? Cologne? I can't describe this one, but it's really good! May be a combination of Sandy Beach and a woodsy cologne? Same as cold sniff. Has a bit of an "old-fashioned" classy cologne vibe. 4 1
Blue Sapphire blue Clean amber scent with a hint of smoke Smoky amber cologne. Someone else said they smell a hint of fruit, but I don't detect that. 3.5 2
Blush Strawberry light pink Strawberry with a hint of vanilla and floral I think Strawberry scented lipstick. Actually smells a bit like Pink Sugar without the intense cotton candy sweetness. 4 4
Caramel Apple Toffee orangey tan Rich caramel with apple. Sweet and more caramely than Grandma's Apple Basket. Super sweet, rich and caramely with a hint of apple. My favorite! 5 4
Carmine Rose pink Old-fashioned tea rose A true realistic tea rose scent 4 3.5
Cashmere Musk light orange Rich amber Rich warm amber, similar to ScentSationals Glimmering Pearl or Better Homes & Gardens Soft Cashmere Amber 5 3.5
Cashmere Sweater white Laundry and amber, with perhaps a hint of pear and banana? Slight laundry note, but I still smell a fake pear or banana as well, and maybe a hint of vanilla. This is a hard one to figure out. 3 4
Cedar Box golden tan A sweet woodsy scent, similar to ScentSationals "Vanilla Woods" Smells exactly like ScentSationals "Pure White Woods", a sweet wood scent, but not as sweet as Vanilla Woods. 4 3
Cider House rust Smells like apple cider. A little generic. Same as cold sniff, but less generic. Scent monster, took over the whole house! 4 5
Coral Honeysuckle bright orange Strong honeysuckle scent with something else, maybe a berry or slight tropical note Fresh clean honeysuckle 4 4
Cranberry Mandarin watermelon pink I smell the orange of the mandarin, with a slight berry note from the cranberry. Smells slightly tropical to me. Same as cold sniff, with more orange and less berry 3.5 4
Ember Glow light brown Smoky woods with a smidgeon of balsam This is wood, plain and simple. It's a nice pungent natural wood smell without any sweetness, like pencil shavings or a log being split outside. This would be good mixed with any scent to which you want to add a woodsy note. 3.5 4.5
Eucalyptus Mint pale grey green A nice combination of eucalyptus and mint Smells like bathroom cleaner, but not in a bad way. It's minty but has a very fresh clean scent that smells like I've been cleaning the house. I'm not a fan of minty scents, but I like this one because it's not a peppermint or a spearmint, and it's combined with a clean scent (the eucalyptus I presume). 3.5 4
Grandma's Apple Basket yellowish green Fresh authentic apple with a hint of caramel and maybe a touch of pears Same as cold sniff 5 4
Hidden Oak Cottage plum This smells very similar to Luxurious Velvet Woods to me. Still can't distinguish from Luxurious Velvet Woods. Maybe more smoky? 3.5 2
Holiday white Cinnamon Cinnamon and a little sugar, like candy or Big Red chewing gum. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon, but this has enough sweetness to keep it from being too overpowering. 3 3
Iced Cinnamon Buns dark red Sweet cinnamon with a hint of bakery. Very similar to Oatmeal Cookie Crunch but sweeter, more cinnamon, and not as much bakery. Sweet cinnamon and brown sugar with a hint of rich buttery bakery. I'm not a cinnamon fan, but I love this one. 5 2
Jasmine Breeze white Very light clean jasmine scent. I'm not getting much scent on cold sniff. Floral scented light laundry scent. Not specifically jasmine. But I detect a note of something else, maybe a very subtle fruitiness? Too light to tell. 3 1
Juicy Apple Pomegrante pinkish red Strong fresh sweet apple with a hint of berry Same as cold sniff 5 1
Lavender and Thyme lavender Perfect combination of lavender and thyme, with maybe a hint of eucalyptus Realistic lavender, not overly sweet like some fake lavender scents. I don't smell thyme or eucalyptus when melted. 4 3.5
Linen Basket smoky white Light clean soapy floral, maybe laundry, can't pick out the notes Same as cold sniff 3 0
Luxurious Velvet Woods Dark taupe Sweet "classy" smoky woodsy scent Same as cold sniff, but with a hint of cologne 4 3
Mango Papaya Sorbet coral Smells like a nice combination of watermelon and a citrus note, maybe lemon. It's not overly sweet, and doesn't smell very tropical. Melted, it's a nice tropical scent, but it has an odd latex paint smell in the room! 2.5 4
Night Orchid dark blue Masculine floral of some kind? Can't figure out the notes. Floral cologne with a hint of smoke? Very weak scent n/a 0
Oatmeal Cookie Crunch tan Smells just like an oatmeal cookie, with a little bit of fall spice, and even raisins! Same as cold sniff 5 4
Peony & Rose Bouquet bright pink Perfect combination of rose and peony Bright crisp rose and peony mix. A little harsh (burned?) 3 3
Pumpkin Butter pale orange Rich buttery slightly salty sweet cinnamon vanilla Same as cold sniff 4 4
Red Sandalwood light red Milky herbal wood Sweet wood with herbal, cologne and amber notes, I think. 3.5 2
Sandy Beach Bone Smells just like Coppertone suntan oil! Suntan oil with a hint of salty water and a slight perfume note. Very nice! 5 3.5
Ski Resort bluish white Very minty eucalyptus balsam pine Mostly mint, with a hint of sweet balsam. I'm not a fan of mint. 2 3
Smoked Vanilla pale grey Sweet vanilla with cinnamon. Similar to Oatmeal Cookie Crunch, but sweeter, and no bakery or raisins. Same as cold sniff, but with a hint of smokiness 4 4
Soft Lilac Petals lilac Sweet fresh generic lilac but in a good way Same as cold sniff 5 4
South Seas teal Fresh salty water Same as cold sniff 3 3
Sparkling Citrus Zest pale yellow Generic citrus (orange and grapefruit notes with a hint of lemon) Same as cold sniff 4 5
Spiced Peach reddish orange Peach. I'm not a fan of peach scents as they always smell fake, but this one is realistic! A nice milky, creamy peach. I don't detect any spice. Not fake, harsh, or overly sweet. This one should be called "Peaches & Cream"! 4 3.5
Sweet Dreams purple I smell bananas with a hint of berry and maybe a smidgeon of caramel or amber Same as cold sniff, plus maybe a light floral? 4 3
Sweet Strawberry Preserves wine Sweet strawberry jam or ice cream Same as cold sniff 5 4
Vanilla Frosted Cupcake cream Plain generic vanilla Same as cold sniff 3 0
Warm Apple Pie cranberry red Generic apple cinnamon Very generic slightly waxy apple 1 3
Warm Butter Cookie ivory Rich buttery cookie, similar to Oatmeal Cookie Crunch but without spice or raisins. Same as cold sniff. Not very sweet, more like pound cake. 4 3.5
Warm Kitchen Spice light brown Fresh clean vanilla cinnamon. No bakery or butter. Generic fall spice scent 2.5 1
Warm Rustic Woods orangey tan Slightly woodsy, maybe ambery, can't pick out the notes. Woodsy ambery perfume or cologne with a slightly smoky note. Interestingly, this is a dupe for Better Homes & Gardens Warm Rustic Woods, which is made by ScentSationals, not Hanna's! 5 3
Watermelon Sorbet reddish pink Sweet sugary watermelon, fresh and clean and not too heavy on the melon. Really smells like sorbet! Same as cold sniff 3.5 4
Wild Berry Cobbler plumSweet blueberry with buttery bakery Same as cold sniff 4 3
Wild Cherry red Like cherry soda without the fizziness I'm not a fan of cherry scents, but on cold sniff this had more of a berry note rather than a harsh "black cherry" type scent. But when melted it smelled like cherry scented cough syrup, not medicinal but just a fake cherry syrup smell. 2.5 2.5
Wild Cherry Blossom light pink Clean soapy scent with a light floral and maybe a smidgeon of berry All I smell when melted is soap that's a little old and no longer fresh 2.5 3.5
Woodland Pine dark green Nice pine needle scent Smoky pine, like a Christmas tree 4 4.5

Sealed polypro bags can be purchased through Wilma Handmade ($5.50 for 100) and Tiffany Candles ($3.20 for 50). 5x5 is a good size for holding opened Aromabeads Singles packages, as well as for holding regular sized clamshells (if they're broken, so the scent doesn't dissipate).

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