Thursday, August 13, 2015

FREE Wax Clamshell Trays from Walmart

I realize this post may be a little late (I just started this website yesterday), but now is the time to get your free wax clamshell trays from Walmart. Yes, FREE! At the end of the season (in August and April), Walmart's wax stock gets very low as they await the new season of wax scents. During this time you may see a lot of empty plastic trays in the scented wax aisle. These trays end up in the trash because Walmart gets new trays with the new wax. If you ask someone in Housewares or Customer Service if you can have them, there's a good chance they will say yes. I nabbed a bunch of these from various Walmarts in my area, and they are so helpful in keeping my clamshell stash organized. You know when you remove a clamshell from the box, all the other ones fall on top of each other like dominoes? The trays prevent that from happening. So run to your nearest Walmart this week, as the new fall scents are due to arrive any day!

Wax Clamshell Trays from Walmart
These trays stack really well.

Wax Clamshell Trays from Walmart
They keep your wax nice and organized!