Sunday, August 30, 2015

Water Scented Wax Review

Water Scented Wax Review
Water Scented Wax
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This is a review of "water" type scented wax. Water scents are similar to fresh, clean air scents, but there's an extra sweet "watery" type note in there that sets it apart from fresh air scents. These scents are almost thirst quenching!

"Water" is Part 2 of my "Clean" scented wax reviews series. You can see Part 1 (Fresh Clean Air scents) at Please visit in the next few days for Part 3 (Laundry scents).

Water Scented Wax Review - Video Below

Another "water" scent that I just got on 9/8/15 and is not included in this video, is ScentSationals "Fresh Air".  This is a "classic" that has been around for awhile. It's sweet, fresh and clean, like fresh air or even fresh water (it has that sweet thirst quenching quality). I also detect a hint of vanilla, and a smidgeon of apple, coconut, and maybe even mint. If so, these 3 notes are very subtle and barely noticeable. And this scent has fantastic throw!

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