Friday, August 14, 2015

Sonoma Fall 2015 Scented Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of new Sonoma Fall 2015 wax which I got a few days ago from Kohls. I assume these are all new scents, since I didn't see them last year.

I haven't melted most of these, so I'll comment on throw only for the ones I've melted. Keep in mind that throw can be subjective (see our "Definitions" page for details about throw). In general, I get mixed results in terms of throw with Sonoma. When throw is good, it's really good. I'd say 70% of the time, throw is not good with the Sonoma melts, and I end up returning the wax to Kohls. So far the few new ones I've tried in the past few days have been pretty good in terms of throw, probably because they're brand new and haven't spend months on the shelf being sniffed.

Sonoma Fall 2015 Scented Wax Melt Reviews
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I like all of these! There are none that I can say I don't like the scent. I'm already getting a little tired of fall and pumpkin scents though, and it's not even fall yet. Wax that does it a little different are the ones that will catch my eye (well, my nose actually!)
  • Pumpkin Harvest
    This is a sweet juicy fresh apple scent with fall spices mixed in. Not too much spice to be overwhelming though. I don't smell much pumpkin in this one, and that's a good thing. Throw on this wasn't great.
  • Pumpkin Patch
    This is similar to Pumpkin Harvest but I do smell the pumpkin much more than the apple, which is in the background. It's not as sweet, and has a slight woodsy note.
  • Pumpkin Farm
    Very similar to Pumpkin Patch, but a little sweeter, and no apple or woodsy notes. There's something else in there, but I can't tell what it is. Maybe a "green" or zesty note, or cinnamon, but very faint.
  • Pumpkin Donut
    Just like it sounds, pumpkin with a little bit of spice, and sweet dough. The dough really does smell like a donut rather than just a general "vanilla" scent. I can almost smell a faint yeasty note!
  • Pumpkin Ale
    I wouldn't call this ale, because it doesn't smell like beer at all (and that's a good thing!). It does, however, smell like pumpkin soda. Pumpkin with a little bit of spice, a slight woodsy note, and fizzy soda with a very subtle citrus. I really like this one, as it's different from all the other pumpkin and fall scents out there.
  • Pumpkin Latte
    This one is amazingly strong. It was closed and wrapped in a bag in my car, and my whole car smelled like coffee. Throw was fantastic; I could smell it throughout the house and even outside the house with the windows open. This is a very creamy intense coffee scent with almost a buttery note. I'm not sure if I smell pumpkin per se, maybe very slight with a tiny bit of spice, but barely noticeable. This is an amazing coffee scent, one of my favorites.
  • Sonoma Harvest Moon
    This is a nice simple smoky wood scent. No sweetness at all, and I don't detect any other notes.
  • Sonoma Fall in Love
    I smell earthy pineapple with a woodsy note and very slight sweetness. I "think" it's pineapple; it does have a slight tropical scent to me. It's different!
  • Sonoma Cozy Home
    I smell nuts, like chestnuts, slightly smokey and woodsy, with a hint of sweetness and smidgeon of cinnamon and bakery I think, but barely noticeable. Very nice!
  • Sonoma Falling Leaves
    Earthy and woodsy with a hint of sweet apple, a slight "green" note, and a hint of spice. This is more of a crisp clean scent rather than a warm spicy scent.
  • Garden Mums
    This one actually came out a month or so ago. This is not really a fall scent. It's a mossy slightly floral scent. The slight sourness of the moss removes some of the sweetness from the floral to make a scent that really does smell like a chrysanthemum, maybe one you'd find in a greenhouse that has just been cleaned (it has a slight soapy note but it works).
  • Vineyard Walk
    This smells like lemon verbena with a zesty herb like basil. It's a very realistic lemon, like the rind, with no sugar or bakery notes. I expected this to smell like grapes, but there are no grape notes at all. I really like this one.
  • Woodland Trail
    This is a slightly woodsy scent with a zesty herbal note and maybe a hint of citrus, but not the lemon scent of Vineyard Walk. Maybe a camphor or eucalyptus note. It smells a little medicinal to me, but not in a bad way. It's "interesting".
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