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Pink Sugar Dupes from Scented Wax Melt Retail Brands

Pink Sugar Dupes from Scented Wax Melt Retail Brands. 

Pink Sugar Scented Wax Fragrance

Pink Sugar is a scent that "Aquolina" launched in 2003. It's been a favorite scent since then, and lots of companies have copied the fragrance. Pink Sugar was originally geared towards a very young market, think pre-teen girls. It's very very sweet, like vanilla sugar cotton candy, with a slight note of red berries. This website goes into details about all the facets of the pink sugar scent:

Most candle and scented wax vendors have Pink Sugar in their list of scents, and they all smell just a little different because different scented oil distributors put their own spin on the fragrance. Only recently have retail wax companies gotten into the Pink Sugar craze. Here are a couple of wax brands and scents that smell like pink sugar:

Pink Sugar Scented Wax Melts Reviews
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  • Better Homes & Gardens "Sugared Lavender Twist"
    This is a favorite among scented wax retail brands. It's basically pink sugar tempered with a touch of amber to remove some of the sweetness and make the scent a little more "grown up".
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Pink Sugar Berry"
    This to me smells closest to the original Pink Sugar scent. It's even in the title! This one is sweeter than Sugared Lavender Twist, with a more pronounced berry note.
  • Goose Creek Home Fragrance "Spun Sugar"
    This is even sweeter than Pink Sugar Berry, with a little less of a berry note, but more of a berry "tartness". This to me smells just like cotton candy. There's even a picture of cotton candy on the label, and the wax is light blue.
  • ScentSationals "Pretty in Pink"
    This is very similar to BHG Pink Sugar Berry, but without any berry "tartness", and maybe a small amount of baby powder added.
  • ScentSationals "Italian Gelato"
    Based on the name, I expected this to be a strong tart berry scent, but no, it's actually quite close to Pink Sugar! This smells almost exactly like BHG Pink Sugar Berry, but not quite as sweet. It's not very tart either. It almost smells like berry scented lipstick.
  • ScentSationals "Hibiscus Rose" (added 9/15/15)
    This is a fruity floral with hints of rose and strawberry. It smells like fruity floral scented lipstick, and also slightly like Pink Sugar, but not as sweet.
  • Interiors by Design "Mulberry Plum" (added 9/15/15)
    This one can be found at some dollar stores. It's similar to Italian Gelato, with that fruity lipstick scent, but with much less fruit and more of the lipstick scent. It has a slight pink sugar vibe.
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