Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fresh Clean Air Scented Wax Review

Fresh Clean Air Scented Wax
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This is a review of fresh clean air type scented wax, the kind that reminds you of crisp mountain air, or a walk on the beach, or star gazing on a breezy night.

"Fresh Air" is Part 1 of my "Clean" scented wax reviews series. Please visit in the next few days for Part 2 (Water scents) and Part 3 (Laundry scents).

Fresh Clean Air Scented Wax Review - Video Below

Two more "fresh air" scents that I got on 9/8/15 (and are not included in the video review) are ScentSationals "Aqua" (even though the name is "Aqua", this is just another fresh air scent) and "ScentSationals "Eucalyptus & Sea Salt". This one smells salty and slightly "ozony", like ocean water. I don't really detect eucalyptus. Even though it smells like salt water, it's not what I'd consider a "water" scent (which to me are fresh, slightly sweet, and thirst quenching).

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