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Clean Laundry Scented Wax Review

Clean Laundry Scented Wax Review

Fresh Laundry Smell

This is a review of clean laundry and cotton scented wax. Laundry and cotton scents smell like warm fluffy towels straight out of the dryer, or clean white sheets on a clothesline on a clear breezy day. These scents are clean and soapy like laundry detergent and fabric softener. Laundry scented wax can make your house smell fresh and laundry clean, even when you haven't done the wash!

9/8/15 Update - I added the following scents to this review: ScentSationals Crisp Linens, ScentSationals Laundry Fresh, and ScentSationals Soft Cotton

This is Part 3 of my three-part "Clean" scented wax reviews series. You can see Part 1 (Fresh Clean Air scents) at, and Part 2 (Water scents) at

Fresh Clean Laundry Scented Wax
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Most scented wax companies have a clean laundry/cotton scent in their lineup, and following is a review of some from my personal collection.

The first 8 are "typical" laundry detergent scents. These can be "harsh" and smell "too clean" to people who are sensitive to them, with an almost abrasive Clorox or cleaning soap quality.

  • Nicole's Home Accents "Line Dried"
    This is the harshest clean laundry scent I have. It has a slight industrial soap note to it and is not very sweet.  It smells like you've been scrubbing the house from top to bottom all day and washing white towels in the laundry with plenty of bleach. This is a very clean and authentic scent, but not warm and cozy. Nicole's Home Accents wax can be found at A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts stores along the U.S. East Coast.
  • ScentSationals "Faded Denim"
    This one is also harsh but not quite as "industrial" as "Line Dried". It's sweeter too and has a slight fresh air or watery quality, just enough to tone down some of the harshness.
  • AmbiEscents "Cotton FreshThis is a typical clean laundry scent. It has that harsh detergent note, but also a soft sweet note to it, like fluffy towels in the washer, clean but cozy. And perhaps a pinch of lemon? If so, it's barely noticeable.
  • ScentSationals Fusion "Ecru Linen"
    Very similar to "Cotton Fresh", but just a different "type" of laundry detergent. It also has a soft sweet note, but a very slightly different fragrance. Maybe more like fabric softener than detergent.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Line Dried Linen"
    Like "Cotton Fresh", this is another typical clean laundry scent. Not as sweet as "Cotton Fresh", and slightly harsher, but not as harsh as "Lined Dried". Maybe a slightly more watery note, a little more like bleach perhaps.
  • Boulevard "Cool Linen"
    This has a bit of harshness to it, but on cold sniff it also smells a little salty, like a tinge of popcorn!  But when melted, that note disappears and it's a nice sweet laundry scent with a slight salt water note and maybe a tiny bit of barely noticeable cologne.  Boulevard scents tend to have that salty note in a lot of the scents.
  • Ashland Décor Scents "White Linen"
    Slight harsh note, but not as much as the others. Also has a bit of a clean cologne note. When melted it smells like a high quality clean cotton scent. The new Ashland Décor line can be found at Michael's Arts & Crafts. They are nothing like the regular Ashland line; they are better in terms of scent quality and throw.
  • ScentSationals "Laundry Fresh" (added 9/8/15)
    Another laundry scent with a slightly harsh laundry detergent note.
  • Mainstays "Fresh Cotton" (added 11/26/15)
    Similar to Laundry Fresh and Soft Cotton, but a little harsher.
  • Sonoma "Pure Cotton"
    Now we're getting into the clean cotton laundry scents that don't have that "harsh" detergent note. This one is definitely a laundry scent, but it's also a fresh air scent with a slightly ozonic quality that makes it smell like fresh rain. This is more like a fabric softener sheet.
  • Yankee Candle "Fluffy Towels"
    This does smell like fluffy towels in the dryer. I smell a hint of detergent, but mostly it's a slightly soapy fabric softener, not very sweet.
  • ScentSationals "Soft Cotton" (added 9/8/15)
    Another laundry scent. Smells more like fabric softener than detergent, but is very similar to "Laundry Fresh".
  • Ashland "Clean Cotton"
    I smell detergent and fresh air, but there's also another very subtle note, maybe like a perfume, but also a tinge of coconut I think, barely noticeable but enough to make this scent smell like clean towels on a warm day at the beach. Also a fabric softener sheet scent.
  • CommonScents "Cotton"
    This one is very crisp, clean and fresh. I do detect the detergent but it's subtle. There's a very slight herbal note that makes it smell outdoorsy, almost like a very fresh herbal shampoo or body wash.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Warm Cashmere Sweater"
    Laundry detergent with a hint of amber to make it warm and cozy.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Comfy & Cozy" duo (Fleece + Flannel)
    Despite its name, this is more of a fresh air type scent than a laundry scent. I don't smell any detergent. The Fleece scent (blue side) is a generic sweet clean scent but very light. The Flannel scent (white side) is clean with a mossy note. It's very similar to Better Homes & Gardens "Southern Spanish Moss".
  • Yankee Candle "Willow Breeze"
    This one smells like soap to me, specifically soap you might find on the side of bathtub in an older person's home. That's not a bad thing, as it has "old-fashioned", homey quality.
  • Glade "Clean Linen"
    Clean and fresh with a very subtle salt water note.
  • Air Wick Snuggle "Fresh Linen"
    This is supposed to smell like Snuggle "Fresh Linen" fabric softener, which I don't own so I can't verify how authentic it is. But it really does smell like fabric softener, soft and cozy like warm fluffy towels.
  • ScentSationals "Crisp Linens" (added 9/8/15)
    This smells more like bubble bath than laundry, with a hint of Coppertone suntan oil! Very nice relaxing fragrance.
  • Chesapeake Bay "Cotton Blossom"
    This is a scent all its own. It's not truly a laundry scent, but it is soapy, and it's not a spa scent either. It's a sweet luxurious soapy scent with maybe a hint of floral and amber that makes it smell like a bubble bath in a classy upscale hotel.
  • Yankee Candle Simply Home "Stony Cove"
    I haven't opened this one, but through the package it smells like clean laundry with a fresh air and soapy note and maybe a very slight mossy or even waxy quality. It doesn't smells as fresh and clean as some of the others.
  • Lake Providence Lodge "Fresh Laundry"
    I don't usually review vendor wax, but since Lake Providence Lodge is the only vendor from whom I buy scented wax, I had to include these scents. "Fresh Laundry" is a typical laundry detergent scent but not too harsh. It's supposed to smell like the "fabric softener in a pink & blue bottle" (Downy), but I don't detect that.
  • Lake Providence Lodge "Clean Sheets"
    This one smells just like Downy Fabric Softener to me, sweet and soapy, cozy and warm.
  • Lake Providence Lodge "High Tide"
    This smells like Tide laundry detergent, fresh with perhaps a smidgeon of lemon which is barely noticeable, and perhaps a dash of something else that gives it a rich warm quality, maybe amber.
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