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Clean Laundry Scented Wax Review

Clean Laundry Scented Wax Review

Fresh Laundry Smell

This is a review of clean laundry and cotton scented wax. Laundry and cotton scents smell like warm fluffy towels straight out of the dryer, or clean white sheets on a clothesline on a clear breezy day. These scents are clean and soapy like laundry detergent and fabric softener. Laundry scented wax can make your house smell fresh and laundry clean, even when you haven't done the wash!

9/8/15 Update - I added the following scents to this review: ScentSationals Crisp Linens, ScentSationals Laundry Fresh, and ScentSationals Soft Cotton

This is Part 3 of my three-part "Clean" scented wax reviews series. You can see Part 1 (Fresh Clean Air scents) at, and Part 2 (Water scents) at

Fresh Clean Laundry Scented Wax
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Most scented wax companies have a clean laundry/cotton scent in their lineup, and following is a review of some from my personal collection.

The first 8 are "typical" laundry detergent scents. These can be "harsh" and smell "too clean" to people who are sensitive to them, with an almost abrasive Clorox or cleaning soap quality.

  • Nicole's Home Accents "Line Dried"
    This is the harshest clean laundry scent I have. It has a slight industrial soap note to it and is not very sweet.  It smells like you've been scrubbing the house from top to bottom all day and washing white towels in the laundry with plenty of bleach. This is a very clean and authentic scent, but not warm and cozy. Nicole's Home Accents wax can be found at A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts stores along the U.S. East Coast.
  • ScentSationals "Faded Denim"
    This one is also harsh but not quite as "industrial" as "Line Dried". It's sweeter too and has a slight fresh air or watery quality, just enough to tone down some of the harshness.
  • AmbiEscents "Cotton FreshThis is a typical clean laundry scent. It has that harsh detergent note, but also a soft sweet note to it, like fluffy towels in the washer, clean but cozy. And perhaps a pinch of lemon? If so, it's barely noticeable.
  • ScentSationals Fusion "Ecru Linen"
    Very similar to "Cotton Fresh", but just a different "type" of laundry detergent. It also has a soft sweet note, but a very slightly different fragrance. Maybe more like fabric softener than detergent.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Line Dried Linen"
    Like "Cotton Fresh", this is another typical clean laundry scent. Not as sweet as "Cotton Fresh", and slightly harsher, but not as harsh as "Lined Dried". Maybe a slightly more watery note, a little more like bleach perhaps.
  • Boulevard "Cool Linen"
    This has a bit of harshness to it, but on cold sniff it also smells a little salty, like a tinge of popcorn!  But when melted, that note disappears and it's a nice sweet laundry scent with a slight salt water note and maybe a tiny bit of barely noticeable cologne.  Boulevard scents tend to have that salty note in a lot of the scents.
  • Ashland Décor Scents "White Linen"
    Slight harsh note, but not as much as the others. Also has a bit of a clean cologne note. When melted it smells like a high quality clean cotton scent. The new Ashland Décor line can be found at Michael's Arts & Crafts. They are nothing like the regular Ashland line; they are better in terms of scent quality and throw.
  • ScentSationals "Laundry Fresh" (added 9/8/15)
    Another laundry scent with a slightly harsh laundry detergent note.
  • Mainstays "Fresh Cotton" (added 11/26/15)
    Similar to Laundry Fresh and Soft Cotton, but a little harsher.
  • Sonoma "Pure Cotton"
    Now we're getting into the clean cotton laundry scents that don't have that "harsh" detergent note. This one is definitely a laundry scent, but it's also a fresh air scent with a slightly ozonic quality that makes it smell like fresh rain. This is more like a fabric softener sheet.
  • Yankee Candle "Fluffy Towels"
    This does smell like fluffy towels in the dryer. I smell a hint of detergent, but mostly it's a slightly soapy fabric softener, not very sweet.
  • ScentSationals "Soft Cotton" (added 9/8/15)
    Another laundry scent. Smells more like fabric softener than detergent, but is very similar to "Laundry Fresh".
  • Ashland "Clean Cotton"
    I smell detergent and fresh air, but there's also another very subtle note, maybe like a perfume, but also a tinge of coconut I think, barely noticeable but enough to make this scent smell like clean towels on a warm day at the beach. Also a fabric softener sheet scent.
  • CommonScents "Cotton"
    This one is very crisp, clean and fresh. I do detect the detergent but it's subtle. There's a very slight herbal note that makes it smell outdoorsy, almost like a very fresh herbal shampoo or body wash.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Warm Cashmere Sweater"
    Laundry detergent with a hint of amber to make it warm and cozy.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Comfy & Cozy" duo (Fleece + Flannel)
    Despite its name, this is more of a fresh air type scent than a laundry scent. I don't smell any detergent. The Fleece scent (blue side) is a generic sweet clean scent but very light. The Flannel scent (white side) is clean with a mossy note. It's very similar to Better Homes & Gardens "Southern Spanish Moss".
  • Yankee Candle "Willow Breeze"
    This one smells like soap to me, specifically soap you might find on the side of bathtub in an older person's home. That's not a bad thing, as it has "old-fashioned", homey quality.
  • Glade "Clean Linen"
    Clean and fresh with a very subtle salt water note.
  • Air Wick Snuggle "Fresh Linen"
    This is supposed to smell like Snuggle "Fresh Linen" fabric softener, which I don't own so I can't verify how authentic it is. But it really does smell like fabric softener, soft and cozy like warm fluffy towels.
  • ScentSationals "Crisp Linens" (added 9/8/15)
    This smells more like bubble bath than laundry, with a hint of Coppertone suntan oil! Very nice relaxing fragrance.
  • Chesapeake Bay "Cotton Blossom"
    This is a scent all its own. It's not truly a laundry scent, but it is soapy, and it's not a spa scent either. It's a sweet luxurious soapy scent with maybe a hint of floral and amber that makes it smell like a bubble bath in a classy upscale hotel.
  • Yankee Candle Simply Home "Stony Cove"
    I haven't opened this one, but through the package it smells like clean laundry with a fresh air and soapy note and maybe a very slight mossy or even waxy quality. It doesn't smells as fresh and clean as some of the others.
  • Lake Providence Lodge "Fresh Laundry"
    I don't usually review vendor wax, but since Lake Providence Lodge is the only vendor from whom I buy scented wax, I had to include these scents. "Fresh Laundry" is a typical laundry detergent scent but not too harsh. It's supposed to smell like the "fabric softener in a pink & blue bottle" (Downy), but I don't detect that.
  • Lake Providence Lodge "Clean Sheets"
    This one smells just like Downy Fabric Softener to me, sweet and soapy, cozy and warm.
  • Lake Providence Lodge "High Tide"
    This smells like Tide laundry detergent, fresh with perhaps a smidgeon of lemon which is barely noticeable, and perhaps a dash of something else that gives it a rich warm quality, maybe amber.
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Water Scented Wax Review

Water Scented Wax Review
Water Scented Wax
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This is a review of "water" type scented wax. Water scents are similar to fresh, clean air scents, but there's an extra sweet "watery" type note in there that sets it apart from fresh air scents. These scents are almost thirst quenching!

"Water" is Part 2 of my "Clean" scented wax reviews series. You can see Part 1 (Fresh Clean Air scents) at Please visit in the next few days for Part 3 (Laundry scents).

Water Scented Wax Review - Video Below

Another "water" scent that I just got on 9/8/15 and is not included in this video, is ScentSationals "Fresh Air".  This is a "classic" that has been around for awhile. It's sweet, fresh and clean, like fresh air or even fresh water (it has that sweet thirst quenching quality). I also detect a hint of vanilla, and a smidgeon of apple, coconut, and maybe even mint. If so, these 3 notes are very subtle and barely noticeable. And this scent has fantastic throw!

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Fresh Clean Air Scented Wax Review

Fresh Clean Air Scented Wax
Click photo to view larger image

This is a review of fresh clean air type scented wax, the kind that reminds you of crisp mountain air, or a walk on the beach, or star gazing on a breezy night.

"Fresh Air" is Part 1 of my "Clean" scented wax reviews series. Please visit in the next few days for Part 2 (Water scents) and Part 3 (Laundry scents).

Fresh Clean Air Scented Wax Review - Video Below

Two more "fresh air" scents that I got on 9/8/15 (and are not included in the video review) are ScentSationals "Aqua" (even though the name is "Aqua", this is just another fresh air scent) and "ScentSationals "Eucalyptus & Sea Salt". This one smells salty and slightly "ozony", like ocean water. I don't really detect eucalyptus. Even though it smells like salt water, it's not what I'd consider a "water" scent (which to me are fresh, slightly sweet, and thirst quenching).

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Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts Review

Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts Review

Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts Review
Click on photo to see a larger more detailed version

UPDATE: Reviews and scent descriptions for ALL 48 SCENTS can be found at

This is a video review of the new 1oz. Aromabeads Singles Wax Melts that have just started appearing at Rite Aid Pharmacy stores. I found 8 scents, but there may be more (I had to go to 2 Rite Aids to get these 8 scents): Soft Lilac Petals, Linen Basket, Vanilla Frosted Cupcake, Luxurious Velvet Woods, Oatmeal Cookie Crunch, Warm Kitchen Spice, Juicy Apple Pomegranate, and Sweet Strawberry Preserves.

The Aromabeads scented wax is melted in a warmer like any other wax. The benefit of wax chips rather than wax cubes is that you don't have to touch the wax, which often results in greasy hands. Just open the package and throw the chips in the warmer. And at $1.00 each, these are the perfect size and price. If you don't like the scent, you've only spent $1; if you do, you can buy more!

I really like these wax melts! The scents are very pleasing, strong and bright. I don't detect anything "offputting" about them. And so far I've only melted one (Sweet Strawberry Preserves) and the throw is very good, I'd say between 3.5 and 4 out of 5. Four hours later the throw is still pretty good, although it's starting to dissipate a bit.

In the video I'll be reviewing each scent, and also showing how these are used and how they look in the warmer before and after melted.

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Scented Wax Fall Scents - New 2015 Reviews

Scented Wax Fall Scents for 2015 - Reviews of New ScentSationals, Better Homes & Gardens, and Mainstays Fall Scents (Walmart Wax)

Fall Scented Wax 2015
Fall Scents
Many Walmart stores have already stocked their Fall scented wax melts from ScentSationals, Better Homes & Gardens, and Mainstays. I grabbed most of the new 2015 Fall scents a few days ago and decided to do a video review. This is my first video ever. You may want some Dramamine before watching, lol!

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Pink Sugar Dupes from Scented Wax Melt Retail Brands

Pink Sugar Dupes from Scented Wax Melt Retail Brands. 

Pink Sugar Scented Wax Fragrance

Pink Sugar is a scent that "Aquolina" launched in 2003. It's been a favorite scent since then, and lots of companies have copied the fragrance. Pink Sugar was originally geared towards a very young market, think pre-teen girls. It's very very sweet, like vanilla sugar cotton candy, with a slight note of red berries. This website goes into details about all the facets of the pink sugar scent:

Most candle and scented wax vendors have Pink Sugar in their list of scents, and they all smell just a little different because different scented oil distributors put their own spin on the fragrance. Only recently have retail wax companies gotten into the Pink Sugar craze. Here are a couple of wax brands and scents that smell like pink sugar:

Pink Sugar Scented Wax Melts Reviews
Click on photos to view larger more detailed pic

  • Better Homes & Gardens "Sugared Lavender Twist"
    This is a favorite among scented wax retail brands. It's basically pink sugar tempered with a touch of amber to remove some of the sweetness and make the scent a little more "grown up".
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Pink Sugar Berry"
    This to me smells closest to the original Pink Sugar scent. It's even in the title! This one is sweeter than Sugared Lavender Twist, with a more pronounced berry note.
  • Goose Creek Home Fragrance "Spun Sugar"
    This is even sweeter than Pink Sugar Berry, with a little less of a berry note, but more of a berry "tartness". This to me smells just like cotton candy. There's even a picture of cotton candy on the label, and the wax is light blue.
  • ScentSationals "Pretty in Pink"
    This is very similar to BHG Pink Sugar Berry, but without any berry "tartness", and maybe a small amount of baby powder added.
  • ScentSationals "Italian Gelato"
    Based on the name, I expected this to be a strong tart berry scent, but no, it's actually quite close to Pink Sugar! This smells almost exactly like BHG Pink Sugar Berry, but not quite as sweet. It's not very tart either. It almost smells like berry scented lipstick.
  • ScentSationals "Hibiscus Rose" (added 9/15/15)
    This is a fruity floral with hints of rose and strawberry. It smells like fruity floral scented lipstick, and also slightly like Pink Sugar, but not as sweet.
  • Interiors by Design "Mulberry Plum" (added 9/15/15)
    This one can be found at some dollar stores. It's similar to Italian Gelato, with that fruity lipstick scent, but with much less fruit and more of the lipstick scent. It has a slight pink sugar vibe.
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Sonoma Fall 2015 Scented Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of new Sonoma Fall 2015 wax which I got a few days ago from Kohls. I assume these are all new scents, since I didn't see them last year.

I haven't melted most of these, so I'll comment on throw only for the ones I've melted. Keep in mind that throw can be subjective (see our "Definitions" page for details about throw). In general, I get mixed results in terms of throw with Sonoma. When throw is good, it's really good. I'd say 70% of the time, throw is not good with the Sonoma melts, and I end up returning the wax to Kohls. So far the few new ones I've tried in the past few days have been pretty good in terms of throw, probably because they're brand new and haven't spend months on the shelf being sniffed.

Sonoma Fall 2015 Scented Wax Melt Reviews
Click on photo to see larger pic with more detail

I like all of these! There are none that I can say I don't like the scent. I'm already getting a little tired of fall and pumpkin scents though, and it's not even fall yet. Wax that does it a little different are the ones that will catch my eye (well, my nose actually!)
  • Pumpkin Harvest
    This is a sweet juicy fresh apple scent with fall spices mixed in. Not too much spice to be overwhelming though. I don't smell much pumpkin in this one, and that's a good thing. Throw on this wasn't great.
  • Pumpkin Patch
    This is similar to Pumpkin Harvest but I do smell the pumpkin much more than the apple, which is in the background. It's not as sweet, and has a slight woodsy note.
  • Pumpkin Farm
    Very similar to Pumpkin Patch, but a little sweeter, and no apple or woodsy notes. There's something else in there, but I can't tell what it is. Maybe a "green" or zesty note, or cinnamon, but very faint.
  • Pumpkin Donut
    Just like it sounds, pumpkin with a little bit of spice, and sweet dough. The dough really does smell like a donut rather than just a general "vanilla" scent. I can almost smell a faint yeasty note!
  • Pumpkin Ale
    I wouldn't call this ale, because it doesn't smell like beer at all (and that's a good thing!). It does, however, smell like pumpkin soda. Pumpkin with a little bit of spice, a slight woodsy note, and fizzy soda with a very subtle citrus. I really like this one, as it's different from all the other pumpkin and fall scents out there.
  • Pumpkin Latte
    This one is amazingly strong. It was closed and wrapped in a bag in my car, and my whole car smelled like coffee. Throw was fantastic; I could smell it throughout the house and even outside the house with the windows open. This is a very creamy intense coffee scent with almost a buttery note. I'm not sure if I smell pumpkin per se, maybe very slight with a tiny bit of spice, but barely noticeable. This is an amazing coffee scent, one of my favorites.
  • Sonoma Harvest Moon
    This is a nice simple smoky wood scent. No sweetness at all, and I don't detect any other notes.
  • Sonoma Fall in Love
    I smell earthy pineapple with a woodsy note and very slight sweetness. I "think" it's pineapple; it does have a slight tropical scent to me. It's different!
  • Sonoma Cozy Home
    I smell nuts, like chestnuts, slightly smokey and woodsy, with a hint of sweetness and smidgeon of cinnamon and bakery I think, but barely noticeable. Very nice!
  • Sonoma Falling Leaves
    Earthy and woodsy with a hint of sweet apple, a slight "green" note, and a hint of spice. This is more of a crisp clean scent rather than a warm spicy scent.
  • Garden Mums
    This one actually came out a month or so ago. This is not really a fall scent. It's a mossy slightly floral scent. The slight sourness of the moss removes some of the sweetness from the floral to make a scent that really does smell like a chrysanthemum, maybe one you'd find in a greenhouse that has just been cleaned (it has a slight soapy note but it works).
  • Vineyard Walk
    This smells like lemon verbena with a zesty herb like basil. It's a very realistic lemon, like the rind, with no sugar or bakery notes. I expected this to smell like grapes, but there are no grape notes at all. I really like this one.
  • Woodland Trail
    This is a slightly woodsy scent with a zesty herbal note and maybe a hint of citrus, but not the lemon scent of Vineyard Walk. Maybe a camphor or eucalyptus note. It smells a little medicinal to me, but not in a bad way. It's "interesting".
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Ashland Decor Scents Wax Melts from Michaels Arts & Crafts - Review

Here's a first look at the Ashland Decor Scents Wax Melts from Michaels Arts & Crafts. I believe they are new this year, as I didn't see them in the stores last year. They are part of the "Decor Scents" line which includes candles, potpourri and oils. They are not on the Michaels website as of this writing. These are $2.99 each in the store, in line with other wax melts, including their regular Ashland melts.

The first difference you will see with these wax melts is that the package is round. Like other wax melts, it's a 2.5 oz. pack and the wax is scored into 6 cubes. The round package makes breaking up the cubes a bit more cumbersome, as you have to take the entire melt out of the pack, break it in half, and then break off the cube you want. Storage might be a little tricky too. But otherwise, the round package doesn't really bother me. It does make them very easy to identify!

Ashland Decor scents Wax Melts from Michaels Arts & Crafts
Click on photo to view larger

Ashland Decor Scents Wax Melts from Michaels Arts & Crafts
These wax melts are round and scored in 6 sections

The most important feature is, of course, scent and throw. Since I just bought these last night, I can only comment on throw from one of the scents. But most of the scents are fantastic! The wax is hard, so I assume it's paraffin, which I prefer as a lot of soy doesn't throw well for me.

They don't have a huge selection of scents, maybe 12 at the most. I bought 7 (unfortunately I didn't make a list of their other scents):
  • Seaside
    This is what you would expect from a scent with this name, but it's kicked up a notch, making it different from other "ocean water" type scents. I can smell the salty ozony air and sweet water notes, but there's another element I can't put my finger on. Another very classy fragrance.
  • White Linen
    This is of course a cottony laundry fragrance. Not much differentiates it from other "clean" type scents, although it seems like a higher quality version.
  • Juicy Apple
    This smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Juicy Apple, with barely a subtle difference. I can almost smell the apple juice in this one. It's a sweet (but not overly sweet) apple with a slight pear note. Very nice.
  • Vanilla Spice
    This is a typical sweet cinnamony fall scent, nothing really to differentiate it from other sweet fall scents, and not very strong on cold sniff.
  • Spice Market
    I expected "Spice Market" to smell like your typical cinnamon and nutmeg, more like a fall scent. But no, this is entirely different, and I don't think "Spice Market" is a good description. This is neroli (orange blossom or petitgrain). Yes, neroli. I've never seen this scent in wax melts before, or even candles for that matter. So I was excited to find this one! Neroli, orange blossom and petitgrain smell very similar, so I'm not entirely sure which one this is. It's a warm,  relaxing, elegant scent that mixes well with other relaxing scents like lavender. You can do an online search for a scent description, but I haven't seen any good descriptions out there.
  • Bamboo Willow
    This has a green, clean, slightly floral scent, maybe with a tiny hint of neroli to keep it classy. It's not very strong on cold sniff, so I'll be interested to see how good the throw is when melted.
  • Gardenia
    This is a true gardenia scent, with a hint of neroli to keep it classy and not overly floral. So it doesn't have that really sweet perfumey note. This is the only one I've melted so far, and throw is great, probably a 4 out of 5!
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Apple Scented Wax Reviews

Apple Scented Wax Melts
Appled Scented Wax Reviews

Apple picking season starts in just a few weeks, ushering in autumn with cooler temperatures and colorful leaves. But you don't have to wait to get that farm apple fresh scent in your home. Melt some apple scented wax and your home will smell as comfy and cozy as a chilly autumn day!

See additional apple scents updated in the list below.

There are TONS of apple scented wax out there. You rarely can go wrong with apple scents! I'm going to provide scent reviews of the apple scented wax that I have in my personal collection. Better Homes & Gardens and ScentSationals wax can be found at Walmart. ScentSationals also has a website where you can order from (see links at right of this page). Join our Facebook group (link at top right of this page) to find out where you can get other brands mentioned (we don't sell wax in the group, we just discuss it!)

Apple Scented Wax Melts
Click on photo for larger detailed image
I've tried to put these in order of most "appley" scent to least:
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Fresh Orchard Apples"
    This is your standard generic apple scent. It smells real and fresh, like a crisp apple that may be slightly dry and tart.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Honey Crisp Apple"
    This smells like their "Fresh Orchard Apples" with a very slight sweetness added, not much of a difference.
  • ScentSationals "Juicy Apple"
    I can almost smell the apple juice in this one, very nice! It's a sweet (but not overly sweet) apple with a slight pear note. It smells more like the inside of an apple than what you smell on the outside. My favorite apple scent!
  • Ashland Decor Scents "Juicy Apple" (added 8/14/15)
    Very similar to ScentSationals Juicy Apple, with only perhaps very subtle differences.
  • ScentSationals "Apple Bobbin'"
    Crisp apple with a sweet caramel coating. The apple definitely stands out in this one, and the caramel is subtle. One of my favorite apple fragrances!
  • Patriot Candles "Just Picked"
    Very similar to Apple Bobbin', with just slightly less caramel.
  • ScentSationals "Meadow Picnic"
    Fresh sweet apple with a hint of grassy flowers.
  • Metro 201 "The Big Apple"
    A real apple scent with not much sweetness, more like a slightly sour apple used for baking, or an apple peel without the juicy insides. Compared to the other apple fragrances, this doesn't smell as fresh or as sweet, but on its own it just smells like apple.
  • Sonoma "Pumpkin Harvest"
    Sweet slightly caramely apple with fall spices like nutmeg, and maybe a hint of cinnamon. I don't really smell the pumpkin. It's not an overwhelming spicy fall scent. Apple is not as realistic as some of the other brands. Sonoma also makes a similar scent called "Pumpkin Patch", which has more pumpkin and less apple, enough for me to classify it more as a fall & spicy scent rather than apple.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Farm Apple Pumpkin"
    This one is a little similar to Sonoma Pumpkin Harvest, but smells more realistic, with a slightly earthy tone, and a little more of the pumpkin. But apple is still the predominant scent. Strong apple scent, but more of an apple cider than straight apple. Some spice like nutmeg and perhaps a touch of cinnamon, and maybe a very slight woodsy note.
  • ScentSationals "Salted Caramel Apple"
    Just what it says, strong apple with a salty sweet caramel, with a hint of vanilla and a smidgeon of bakery and spice flavors.
  • Glade "Apple Tree Picnic"
    Fake sweet apple scent with a clean, fresh air note. Although it smells fake, it's actually not bad.
  • Mainstays "Warm Apple Pie"
    Fake waxy apple scent
  • WoodWick "Midnight Apple"
    This one smells amazing, like a super rich sweet caramely apple with a hint of amber I think.
  • ScentSationals "Apple Blossom"
    Both their Fusion and non-Fusion versions smell the same. Subtle apple with a clean flowery, very slightly lemony scent.
  • Nicole's Home Accents "Apple Pecan Crisp"
    Apple with sweet caramel and a slight nuttiness. Not as much apple as Salted Caramel Apple above, and sweeter with less saltiness. Nicole's brand is found in A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts stores primarily along the U.S. East Coast.
  • ScentSationals "Hobe Sound"
    I debated whether or not to include this, since the apple note is not incredibly strong. This has more of a slightly tart apple candy type scent than straight apple. This scent has been discontinued but as of this writing can be found in the "outlet" section of their website for $1 each if bought in increments of 5.
Added August 25, 2015:
  • Hanna's at Home "Grandma's Apple Basket"
    This smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens "Fresh Orchard Apples". Maybe a very subtle difference, but not by much.
  • Mainstays "Apples and Berries"
    This is a pretty good mix of apple and berry scents. I'm not sure what the berry notes are, but the label shows raspberries and blackberries. I definitely don't smell raspberries, and not really blackberries either. Maybe cranberries? It's a bit of a fake apple scent, but the combination works.
  • ScentSationals "Apple Berry Crumble"
    I think this is a new Fall 2015 scent, and it's fantastic. I detect mostly apple, but also a strong berry note, although I'm not sure what kind of berry. There's also the "crumble" part of the scent, which is very sweet and slightly cinnamony. On cold sniff it just smells like apple and cinnamon, but the warm berry notes come out when melted. This to me doesn't smell like a "real" apple, but it doesn't matter.
  • Mainstays "Apple Pumpkin"
    This smells a lot like "Apple Berry Crumble" to me, although not as sweet and bright, and maybe a tad less of the apple and more of the pumpkin. It's still definitely an apple scent with light cinnamon notes.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Farm Apple Pumpkin"
    Strong apple scent, but more of an apple cider than straight apple. A good amount of spice like nutmeg, and a little cinnamon, and maybe a very slight woodsy hint.
  • ScentSationals "Apple-icious"
    This scent was discontinued a year or two ago. It smells like a "Apple Bobbin'" but with slightly less caramely sweetness, although sweeter than "Fresh Orchard Apples".
  • ScentSationals "Mulled Apple Cider" and "Hot Wassail"
    "Hot Wassail" was discontinued and replaced with "Mulled Apple Cider". They are the same scent. I do smell the apple in this one, but mostly I smell some kind of spices, maybe nutmeg, possibly cinnamon, but it's a completely different scent from "Farm Apple Pumpkin". Whereas "Farm Apple Pumpkin" does smell like apple cider to me, these 2 scents do not. There's almost a "mossy" note to it.
  • Sonoma "Falling Leaves"
    This has the least amount of apple scent in it, but it's definitely there. It smells to me like apples on the ground in October, at the end of the apple season, mixed with brown leaves. Almost like old apples, but not in a bad way. It smells like apple cider with a mossy note, not very sweet, and very little spice if any. Definitely a fall scent.
Added September 21, 2015:
  • ScentSationals "Paws-itively Tropical"
    This doesn't smell tropical at all to me. It's a super fresh apple with maybe a tiny hint of pear or melon, and a crisp fresh air note. This scent uses the "Pure Air Odor Eliminator Technology" so it would be good for covering up other scents. It's discontinued but has been brought back briefly; if you hurry you may be able to grab it on the website!
  • Huntington Home "Candied Apple" from Aldi
    This is a limited release put out by Aldi Supermarkets in the fall. It smells like fresh, authentic apple coated in sweet candy (not caramel), just like the name suggests!
  • Huntington Home "Falling Leaves" from Aldi
    This is a limited release put out by Aldi Supermarkets in the fall. Woodsy apple on cold sniff, but when melted it smells like apple cider and old apples on the ground mixed with brown leaves (in a good way). It's very similar to Sonoma Falling Leaves, but with a slightly more woodsy note. 
  • Tuscany Candle "Caramel Apple"
    This is a limited release that Walmart put out in the fall. It's a nice sweet caramely apple with a hint of salt, but not as salty as ScentSationals Salted Caramel Apple.
  • Better Homes & Gardens "Candied Caramel Apple"
    Fresh apple with a sweet candy coating and a hint of caramel, but not a salty caramel.
  • Tuscany Candles "Autumn Citrus & Cinnamon"
    Slightly woodsy apple with a smidgeon of spice (cinnamon and clove I think). It's not a very sweet apple, almost like an overripe older apple towards the end of the fall season. I think I also detect a tiny bit of orange perhaps?
Added November 16, 2015:
  • ScentSationals "Rio Grande"
    Fresh pleasant fragrance with apple as the main note, then a sweet slightly salty watery or fresh air note, and a hint of floral.
  • Sonoma "Apple Picking"
    Sweet rich slightly caramely apple with incredible throw. This one is a scent monster that took over my entire house!

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FREE Wax Clamshell Trays from Walmart

I realize this post may be a little late (I just started this website yesterday), but now is the time to get your free wax clamshell trays from Walmart. Yes, FREE! At the end of the season (in August and April), Walmart's wax stock gets very low as they await the new season of wax scents. During this time you may see a lot of empty plastic trays in the scented wax aisle. These trays end up in the trash because Walmart gets new trays with the new wax. If you ask someone in Housewares or Customer Service if you can have them, there's a good chance they will say yes. I nabbed a bunch of these from various Walmarts in my area, and they are so helpful in keeping my clamshell stash organized. You know when you remove a clamshell from the box, all the other ones fall on top of each other like dominoes? The trays prevent that from happening. So run to your nearest Walmart this week, as the new fall scents are due to arrive any day!

Wax Clamshell Trays from Walmart
These trays stack really well.

Wax Clamshell Trays from Walmart
They keep your wax nice and organized!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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Scented Wax Melt Reviews

Scented Wax Reviews and Information for Wax Melts and Cubes such as ScentSationals, Better Homes and Gardens, Glade, Yankee, Woodwick, Sonoma, Mainstays, Patriot, Colonial, Kringle and more!

Welcome to our brand new website! We will be adding photos, links, videos, and most importantly, reviews of your favorite retail scented wax brands and scents, including ScentSationals, Better Homes and Gardens, Glade, Yankee, Woodwick, Sonoma, Mainstays, Patriot, Colonial, and more (and maybe a few vendor brands here and there).

Take a look at the list of links at the right of this page, where you can find some of your favorite wax melt brands.

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